Soap Bar Sales Are On The Rise Because Plastic Packaging Sucks

by: Lucy Jones | 5 months ago | News

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Bars of soap used to be a staple in every household, but over the past few decades most people (with the exception of grandmas everywhere) replaced bars with bottled soaps. These gels were marketed as a more hygienic alternative to Nanna’s beloved bar soap back when plastic was still a cool new invention. But now that we’ve realised plastic is destroying the planet, we’re returning to the trusty old bar of soap.

New figures released by consumer research company Kantar Worldpanel show that soap bar sales increased by almost 3% in the UK last year. In 2018, British supermarket shoppers spent £68.3 million on bar soaps, a 2.9% increase on the £66.4 million that was spent in the previous year. Sales of bar soaps grew faster than liquid soaps and all other shower products over the last year. 

This increase in bar soap sales is part of a wider shift away from single-use plastic and unnecessary plastic packaging. In an effort to reduce their waste, many people have replaced plastic waster bottles and bags with reusable alternatives over the past few years. Now, environmentally conscious consumers are rejecting bottled soaps in favour of far less polluting bar alternatives.

"For the first time this century barred soap is making a return. After a long-term decline traditional bar soap due to the rise of squirty hand soaps and gels, it is now outperforming the market,” strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel, Tim Nancholas, said.

“It could be the start of a trend and toiletries are becoming more natural and eco-friendly, barred soap uses less plastic.”

Small actions, like buying a bar of soap that comes in a cardboard box instead of a liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle, can have a big impact when they take place on a large scale. So, next time you’re in the soap isle, pick a soap that will help keep your bod and the planet clean!

Via The Telegraph

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