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Some Responsible Xmas Gift Ideas Your Nearest And Dearest Will Actually Use

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: The Duck Bag by Baggu, made from pre-consumer recycled materials. 

Regardless of how you feel about the religious underpinnings of the holiday, Christmas is, for the most part, a time to get together with friends and family, to spend quality time with them, to show you appreciate them, and, to buy things for them they don’t want and won’t use, just because you sort of have to.

We all know the feeling of opening a promisingly-shaped present, only to realise said present buyer doesn’t understand your taste and therefore knows absolutely nothing about you. JK, presents aren’t that big of a deal, but, in order to cut down the waste of this over-consumptive holiday, especially considering waste is one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry, we’ve collated a few gift ideas we guarantee most people will like and, importantly, use. Better still, they're responsibly-made, so you can look good, be good, and have something to talk about with the in-laws over dinner, too. You're welcome. 

1) Everyday bags made from pre-consumer recycled cotton by Baggu:

Image: the Duck Bag by Baggu

Not only practical, Baggu’s tote bags are made to the highest quality standards (the person you give this to will probably bring it to next year’s Christmas, and the one after that, and the…you get our gist), from pre-consumer recycled cotton (like, for example, scraps of fabric from the floors of t-shirt factories), all of which gives you a bunch of information to write in the card if, at this point, you’ve just got ‘Merry Xmas’ (insufficient).

2) The organic t-shirt:

Image: the P-6 Logo Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Patagonia

T-shirts were originally military undergarments, and, like most things that originated as military uniforms (trench coats, lace-up boots, Breton t-shirts, and, ah, cargo pants), they’ve become a necessary part of our wardrobes because of their practicality. Add to this the fact that James Dean turned them into the choice for babes everywhere in the ‘50s, and you have yourself a bonafide wardrobe essential. FURTHERMORE, considering conventional cotton is arguably the dirtiest crop in the world, we prefer our cotton t-shirts to be made from certified organic cotton, so we have a whole section dedicated to the things – you’ll find everything from $35 t-shirts by Etiko, to $59 logo tees by Patagonia, to luxe tees by Base Range, Vege Threads, and more.

3) Tevas:

Image: the Original Universal Flatform Sandals by Teva

We’re pretty happy that Gorpcore is a trend for one very specific reason: it’s extremely comfortable. Tevas were invented in the ‘70s by a river guide who strapped two pieces of Velcro to his thongs, and, voila, he had created a pair of sandals that will take us everywhere we wanna go all summer long. Tevas were recently included by the curators of ‘Is Fashion Modern?’ at MoMA as one of 111 objects to define 20th century fashion, exactly because of how simple and innovative their design is. Needless to say, as long as you know the person’s shoe size you can guarantee that whoever you give these to will get wear out of them at the beach or in the bush this summer, even if they don’t subscribe to the 100% Gorpcore – fanny pack, hiking boot, Patagonia logo tee – look. 

4) Sustainable underwear sets:

Image: the Rib Triangle Bra and the Rib Bell Pants by Base Range

Because we like the things we wear directly next to our skin to be free from harmful production processes, we choose to wear underwear made from sustainable materials. Also, it's just incredibly comfortable. We have a whole section of sustainable bras and underwear for your gifting pleasure (perhaps for a bestie or a sister) and, conveniently, we’ve just received new ribbed certified organic cotton sets from responsible lingerie originators, Base Range.

5) Stud earrings:

Image: the Star Stud Earrings by Linda Tahija

There’s nothing quite like a piece of jewellery that elevates a look (especially if, like us, you’re want to wearing jeans and t-shirts most of the time) without you having to think about them, which is why we’re obsessed with Linda Tahija’s mini stud earrings, especially the little hearts and the little stars – festive and practical, just the way we like it.


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