Standard Issue On Working With Recycled Denim Yarn

by: Rosie Dalton | 8 months ago | Features

Image: BTS at Standard Issue's Auckland HQ. Image source.


Standard Issue is an NZ-based brand that was founded in the late 80s and uses zero waste technology to make knitwear in a minimal waste supply chain. The brand's latest collection, though, also includes innovative recycled denim yarn. So we caught up with Assistant Brand and Design Manager Ashlea Brookes to find out more.

WMC: What inspired your recent recycled denim collection?
Standard Issue: The opportunity to work with a 100% recycled denim yarn! Working with a yarn that holds our core value of zero-waste at its heart was what this collection was born out of. 

Can you talk us through the materials used?
Produced by discarded denim jeans, the old fibres have been repurposed to create a distinctive 100% recycled yarn, closing the loop on garments that may have otherwise ended up in landfill. No new dyes or chemicals are used in regenerating the jeans to yarn, ensuring water usage is kept to a bare minimum. The small imperfections created in this process bring life and texture to the distinctive new season knits.  

What are some of the processes you’ve used to minimise waste?
Our recycled denim capsule collection utilises whole garment knitting technology, to create seamless styles that are free of waste. Coming off our machines as-finished requires minimal hand finishing and ensures no excess yarn is used in production.

What is the journey of these garments, from concept to creation?
All garments begin with our Head Designer Zsoka, who sketches and visualises the range direction. Our technical team then translates the designs into measurements and onto our knit software for prototyping. Once the fit and final designs are determined, all stages of production – from knitting, to finishing and labelling – take place in our Auckland workroom, by our wonderful makers who collectively make up the majority of our team.

Can you share some tips for wearing knits all year-round?
The beauty of using natural fibres is that their temperature regulating properties truly make them perfect for wearing through all the seasons. Opting for pieces you know will layer well is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your knitwear.

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