BoF Voices: Stella McCartney Announces UN Charter To Clean Up Fashion

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | News

Image: Stella McCartney with BoF’s Imran Ahmed. Image source

Each year Business of Fashion holds an industry gathering to discuss the future of fashion with some of the biggest thinkers. And at this year’s VOICES event, Stella McCartney led the charge for positive change. Invited on stage to receive the Global VOICES Award for her contribution to sustainable fashion, McCartney also went on to announce a new fashion industry charter that she has developed in collaboration with the United Nations.

“We really don’t have long now, to change things. But I honestly believe it’s doable,” McCartney told The Guardian. “There is so much guilt and fear attached to talking about sustainability and that’s not helpful. What is essential is for the big players in the industry to come along with me.” With this in mind, the UN charter is designed to help brands reduce their planetary impact, before it is too late. This news follows the latest findings from BoF’s State of Fashion Report 2019 – which describes next year as an “urgent awakening” for fashion. 

“Everything is at stake,” McCartney reiterated. “It’s really about bringing everyone together as an industry, and instead of having a few people talk about it, it's having everyone talk about it and the leaders ... actually taking responsibility, putting our money where our mouth is and making an amazing change together.” The full line-up for McCartney’s residual UN team will be announced at the COP 24 sustainability convention in Poland on December 10.

Until then, though, the designer has plenty to focus on with her own label, as well as her new charitable initiative, Stella McCartney Cares Green. Also announced last week at BoF VOICES in Oxfordshire, this platform focusses on sustainability. It aims to empower students, professionals and businesses to embrace more ethical practices, while also influencing policymakers to take action. “One of the things I’m most excited about is creating some sort of fund for lawyers and NGOs, creating some sort of policy change,” the designer said. As always, then, McCartney continues to prove that she is prepared to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to a more positive future for fashion.


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