Check Out This Cute Video About Mending Clothes By Stella McCartney

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 years ago | News

Image: a still from Stella McCartney's new video about why repairing our clothing is important. Image source.

We know the Brits to be a sarcastic bunch of people, which is probably why we like them so much. Stella McCartney, as a quintessentially British designer, embues British humour into all aspects of her label, including, it seems, short videos about why repairing your clothes is important. 

In this new set of Stella McCartney clips, model mates Sam Rollinson and Charlotte Wiggins play hosts of a '70s-style do-it-yourself series, in which they explain the environmental problems we face, followed by methods we can adopt to keep our clothing lasting longer, which will ease our impact on the planet. First up: mending! If you didn't know you should sew buttons back on rather than throwing buttonless items of clothing away, let the dulcet (read: very English) tones of Sam and Charlotte explain:

You can watch the clip for caring for your knitwear here, too.

Via SMH.

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