Step Inside Bel Sherriff’s Home, A Garden Oasis In Sydney

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Bel Sherriff wears the Katie Top and The Project 1 Jeans around her home. 

Bel Sherriff is one of those modern wonder women who manages to juggle raising a small child with part-time modelling gigs and working at a café that is dedicated to sustainability. Since moving to the beautiful suburb of Turrella in Sydney’s inner west, Bel says she and her family – which includes fur babies as well as an actual baby – have been busy nesting. Here, she invites us over to hang out in her luscious garden oasis.

Rosie Dalton: How long have you been living here in Tuarella?
Bel Sherriff: The five of us have been here for a year – myself, my partner Will, our son Odin and my first babies, Ronnie the cat and Dio the dog. We had just moved house when I fell pregnant with Odin, so we never really got to nest. Then we moved here just before Christmas and have been nesting ever since. 

Image: the mantelpiece in Bel’s beautiful inner west home.

Rosie: Where do you like to source pieces for your home?
Bel: All over really. We actually got this couch from our friends Ben and Brenda, who recently moved to LA. They also gave us all their plants, which are amazing. Then we have inherited some other pieces from family members, so they are quite sentimental. I also have a lot of beautiful art that friends have made for me, which is special.

Image: Bel Sherriff wears the Katie Top and The Project 1 Jeans around her home.

Rosie: And how would you describe your personal style?
Bel: Well I have always been about comfort, even since before I had Odin. I basically just live in jeans and t-shirts. I don’t really get to do as much sewing now as I used to. But when we moved here, I did a big cull of clothing I no longer wore, which was really refreshing. Now I try to keep my wardrobe as minimal and versatile as possible.

Image: Bel’s dog Dio.

Rosie: You work not too far from here, too, is that right?
Bel: Yeah I work at Cornersmith café a couple of days a week. I am friends with the owners and they have been so good to me. I’ve learned so much through them about food and sustainability. We are very anti-waste at the café – everything is seasonal and we try to use everything that we have. What you buy in Woolworths is not always seasonal and it’s sometimes hard to know what is, but growing food that’s actually in season changes everything.

Image: Bel Sherriff wears the Katie Top around her home. 

Rosie: And do these principles carry through to your approach at home as well?
Bel: Absolutely. I used to despise cooking, but now I realise it is a joy. We make stock from our scraps and eat in season as much as possible. We are so lucky here at home, because we have the most amazing gardens – with fig trees, citrus trees and lots of herbs. We love gardening, because it keeps everyone in the family happy. I personally find it very grounding – getting out into nature is my active attempt to treat the depression I've been suffering from for as long as I can remember.

Image: one of the plants Bel inherited from her friends Ben and Brenda.

Rosie: How do you juggle everything – between fur babies, real babies and your own work/life balance?
Bel: I don’t know if I do [laughs]. I don’t think it is meant to be easy, so you do just have to give yourself permission not to do everything. I have been trying to keep things as simple as possible. As long as Odin is happy, then that’s the main thing – and he would be happy even if we had nothing and his toys were salt and pepper shakers.

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