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The 4 Ethical Basics I’ll Be Buying This Autumn

by: Kat Patrick | 2 years ago | The Edit

The Basic Sweat by Baserange! Have a look over here!

Summer is almost over! I am happy about it! After doing nothing but sweat since that insane Sydney heatwave in October I am ready to wear more than one layer. Maybe even a cute, warm beanie. Who knows, maybe a pair of boots! Boots! I can barely remember the way they cover my toes.

I’ve more or less worn my capsule wardrobe out over the past few years. T-Shirts are being turned into dog toys, trousers are due to be darned by my soon-to-be-wife (because, despite multiple attempts to learn, I cannot sew in the slightest) and my sweatshirts aren’t quite smart enough to wear to work anymore. There are a few bits and pieces that need replacing so I’ve spent the last few weeks (yes, ethical decisions take a little longer because often you’re spending a bit more money to make sure you get that sweet cost-per-wear ratio!) choosing what I’ll be bringing into my Autumn 2018 closet.

I’m trying TRYING not to wear all black this year. Like, even if it’s just on special occasions, I reckon this loose fit, but still smart, long-sleeve tee will go very well with just about everything I already own - great for layering under my vintage denim jacket or wearing over a t-shirt while the weather is being irritating:

The Building Block Boyfriend Tee by Kowtow. Have a look in more detail over here! 

Look, Mum! Something else I’ve chosen that’s not black! Is ‘Sunflower’ opposite to black on the colour spectrum? Probably! I’m so brave.

The Sunflower T-Shirt by Pansy! Take a look in more detail over here!

I wear a lot of elasticated waist pants, as I’ve already mentioned in just about every post I’ve ever written, and I’ve stuck to wearing them with baggy, long tops which (I’ve been told) make me look a bit like I’m a kid dressing up in my Dad’s clothes. It’s a look I still 100% support but I think, for the few times I go out a month, something like this would be a fab alternative. Still simple and ‘everyday’ but just that little bit posher:

It's the Shell Tee by Kuwaii! Have a look in more detail over here!

I LOVE SWEATSHIRTS. This one especially! Baserange uses the softest fabrics but still gives their pieces enough of a design-edge that you feel like you’re wearing something *special*.

The Basic Sweat (so me!) by Baserange! Take a look in more detail over here! 

Feel free to scroll through the pieces below!

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