Please Can Someone Bring This '72 Hour Cabin' Project To Aus?

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | News

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Sweden is sounding more and more like the kind place we’d like to live. Written into the country’s law is the concept of ‘Allemansrätten‘ which loosely translates as “everyone has the right to roam freely”. Its existence means that the citizens of Sweden are legally permitted to access nature, regardless of whether the land they’re accessing is private.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they’re now offering up their legal concept to those outside of Sweden: five workaholics from across Europe are invited to stay in these stunning cabins (called the “The 72 Hour Cabin”) on Henriksholm island, where for 3 days they’ll live off-grid, doing nothing but hike, swim and fish in what they describe as an “immersive nature therapy”. Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute will be studying the visitors’ wellbeing to see if they experience any health benefits from the time spent alone, in nature. The tourism board will be publishing the results in the coming weeks.

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