The Edit: Construct Your Own Five Piece French Wardrobe On Sale

by: Courtney Sanders | 3 years ago | The Edit

Image: Now you've constructed your Five Piece French Wardrobe, all you have to do now is master the cat's eyeliner, à la Brigitte Bardot. Image source.

I love vintage shopping. Some people even say I’m good at it, but this isn't really true. I appear to be good at vintage shopping because my favourite thing in the world to do after-work, at the weekends, while I’m home visiting my parents for Christmas, while I’m overseas in some exotic location I’ll probably never return to, is to spend hours inside dark, cold, musty garages-turned-retail stores, searching through boxes hand-knitted children’s hats to find some piece of vintage perfection which may or may not fit me but which I will buy anyway because it's a one off. Anyone who spends this much time at anything eventually gets good at it.

I have, however, found some incredible things. One time I found a brand new Proenza Schouler dress which still had the tags on and all. Another time I found this pair of Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle boots, which I had wanted as soon as they were released, but which I was not prepared (read: could not afford) to pay the full retail for. Finds like these are what I live for. My life is more interesting than it sounds. But I have to be honest, I don’t wear everything I find: like ordering too much food when I'm hungover because I can't handle being without it on-hand, but knowing in my heart of hearts I won’t be able to eat it, I bought everything which was even slightly good, for example, a fluoro pink see-through floor length dress which reminded me of something Marques Almeida would design, but which is completely impractical for my real life, and therefore sits in a suitcase waiting for me to pass it on to some, more adventurous dresser, next time I host a market stall. Moreover, the vintage finds which actually do make their way onto my body have, cumulatively, resulted in my possessing a rather cobbled-together wardrobe. Right now, for example, there are many days when I wake up thinking a black wool turtleneck would be perfect for the day ahead and to compliment the pants I want to wear, but, while I have lots of turtlenecks, one is red lurex, another is various shades of green, and so on and so forth, to the point where everything is pretty exceptional in its own right, but nothing really works together. My wardrobe is like a non-designer version of Carrie Bradshaw’s, and I have neither the styling skills nor the body to pull those looks off.

Which is to say, in recent times, I've tried to buy less whimsical $5 ‘60s-era pullovers (also: spending $5 all the time adds up) and more (but fewer) new pieces which compliment the things I already have in my wardrobe. This is the underlying ethos of the Five Piece French Wardrobe: buy practical, basic pieces to create the scaffolding of your wardrobe, then add limited but exciting flourishes every season, as the trends or your whims demand.

Because I have only been exploring this idea for the past few years, I still need to set up all the scaffolding for my Five Piece French Wardrobe. Thus, I’ve scoured the sale section of our site to make it easier for myself, and, in the process, you, to do so. You’re welcome! To our fabulous, effortless futures then.

1) The black pants:

My pick: The Spectrum Pants in Midnight Navy, were $275AUD, now $220AUD

2) The trench coat:

My pick: The Literature Coat in Black, was $348AUD, now $209AUD

3) The shirt:

My pick: The Classic Silk Shirt in Cream, was $269AUD, now $206AUD

4) The blue denim jeans:

My pick: The Cult Slim in Denial, was $229AUD, now $159AUD

5) The Breton t-shirt

My pick: The Chevron Boater in Black and White Stripe, was $159AUD, now $95AUD

6) The good quality white t-shirt

My pick: The Tencel Top in White, was $119AUD, now $84AUD

7) The Little Black Dress

My pick: The Bias Jersey Dress in Black, was $276AUD, now $138AUD

8) The slip dress

My pick: The Aplomb Slip in Ivory, was $239AUD, now $169AUD

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