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The Edit: Get Non-Stuffy Workwear On Sale

by: Courtney Sanders | 4 years ago | News

Image: I mean, this isn't exactlly non-stuffy, but it is exactly awesome. Image source.

I have never worked in a ‘corporate’ job. I spent most of my twenties showing up to work in jeans and band t-shirts which I told people in my music media office were ironic, but which I really bought from the merch stand of the concert I paid good money to go to and had heaps of fun at. When I had to ‘dress up’ at work because I had a ‘meeting’ (on the few occasions I would meet with someone more senior than me, who would also be dressed in jeans and a band t-shirt), I would wear something which, at its most descriptive, would be called ‘a plain shirt’.

I think it’s an age thing. I’m now old enough, with enough experience, to be invited to, included in, and asked my opinion at, actual meetings, with actual professionals, who wear the things which, very basically, would be called ‘smart casual’.

Smart casual is the kind of clothing which communicates to me that someone is to be taken seriously, perhaps, in this post-Mark Zuckerberg age, to be taken more seriously than suits (except, of course, for the characters in Suits, but this has very little to do with their suits and everything to do with their other things).

If you don’t do it right, smart casual can be expensive. It’s not like you’re buying one black blazer and one black pencil skirt, wearing them every day, and getting them drycleaned at the weekends. In the process of navigating my way from vintage t-shirts to crisp white t-shirts (coffee is now a problem) I have pored through our sale section and found my favourite smart casual pieces.

1) The top which isn’t a shirt but also isn’t a t-shirt

My pick: Touch Me Tee in Ivory, in 100% silk crepe de chine. Reduced from $291AUD to $150AUD:

Other options:

2) The shirt which I don’t have to tuck in because I can’t be bothered re-arranging myself all the time

My pick: The Classic Silk Shirt in Cream. Reduced from $269AUD to $206AUD:

3) The black dress which isn’t a ‘little black dress’ but which I can also wear to after-work drinks

My pick: The Zhova Dress in Black, in 100% silk. Reduced from $421AUD to $294AUD:

Other options:

4) The lightweight, tidy, jumper which will come in handy when the air conditioning gets turned up too high

My pick: The Merino V-Neck Pullover in Grey, in 100% Merino wool. Reduced from $245AUD to $123AUD:

Other options:

5) The office-appropriate t-shirt, aka, my favourite thing in this world

My pick: The Glacier Tee in Charcoal. Reduced from $122AUD to $94AUD:

Other options:

6) The black pants, because of course

My pick: The Spectrum Pants in Midnight Navy (hey, it's almost black), in a wool and nylon blend. Reduced from $275AUD to $200AUD:

Other options:

7) The trench coat, because I feel like owning a trench coat is a rite of professional passage for young working women, no? 

My pick: The Literature Coat in Black, in certified organic cotton made in certified fair trade facilities. Reduced from $350AUD to $210AUD:

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