The Edit: Our Fashion Editor, Charlotte, Picks Her Ultimate Winter Outfit

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | The Edit

Image: Our wonderful fashion director Charlotte Agnew, posing beside some of the office plants we're very proud to have kept alive for as long as we have. Here, Charlotte's wearing the Trailblazer Shirt in Check and a vintage skirt.

Meet Charlotte, our wonderful fashion director, the person who is responsible for our campaigns, for styling our Well Made Women, and for, perhaps most importantly, keeping us hip (or at least keeping us thinking we're hip when we're so clearly not). Charlotte is the team member we’ll find poring over the latest issue of Dazed and Confused, or over the Tumblr of some completely-underground-but-soon-to-be-next-big-thing in the fashion world. She’s also the one who shows up to work wearing the outfits we immediately adore but would never think of ourselves, and who imagines the pieces we stock on Well Made Clothes in wonderful ways we never thought possible.

Which is to say we have a lot of pieces on the website, Charlotte knows all of them intimately, so we thought she was the perfect person to ask to curate the outfit she’s been coveting for winter from the Well Made Clothes site. Today, Charlotte's picked out this kind of '70s meets academia outfit which is perfect for work and perfect for weekends. It's the kind of thing Lindsay from Freaks & Geeks... 

...would start wearing once she graduated college and got a real job, and we're all about it. 

1) Introducing the Rib Tee Capped Sleeve in White
. T-shirts are one of the crucial parts of a well made wardrobe, but so often we overlook them when we're shopping; they're the last thing on our list, purchased as an afterthought, and as a result we often never feel 100% babe-ing when we wear them, which we will do a couple of times a week (or, like, most days). It's time to invest in the key pieces which make up our wardrobe: not only will we feel better, sassier, sexier (all of the things) when we're wearing them because they'll fit better, but they'll last longer, keeping our cost-per-wear game strong and our wardrobe one of those wardrobes those organised people who 'curate' their wardrobe have. We can be one of those curated wardrobe people!

2) There's nothing more special about clothes than knowing they were made specially for you. Enter our wonderful well-made label Hunter, her seasonal capsule collections which, this season, include the highly sought after (because they channel this season's zeitgeist while also managing to be classic, which is no small feat) Gia Pants, which come in Brown, pictured (v. '70s), and a Powder Blue (over here, and preppier). Go forth and live your best cropped pant lives.

3) We at Well Made Clothes are firm believers that high heeled shoes are for special occasions and special occassions only: gone are the days when we had to totter to work in them, walk around awkwardly in them all day, then come home and have to bath our aching feet in hot water to prepare for another day of foot torture. Well, actually, if the Cannes Film Festival and this employer are anything to go by, those days are not over, and also, if you can wear high heels all day and you love them, absolutely more power to you. We like feminine shoe options we can wear to all our events (including work, dinner dates, weddings – we demand versality, and we will not feel bad about this) and in which we can feel good, look good, and be good (in the responsible fashion department) all at once. Enter the Jean Slipper in Black. Just look at them. We didn't even need to write this paragraph declaring our love for them, but we did because we can't help ourselves.

4) Our fashion editor, Rosie Dalton, argues jewellery is one of the best clothing or semi-clothing investments you can make: it doesn't date, it doesn't (within reason) wear down, and the raw materials don't really lose their value. Which is why we're 100% in favour of these pearl and yellow gold earrings, which are, by the way, made to order by Holly Ryan herself in her lovely studio. Dreamy all 'round.

5) There are a few staple items every women needs in their wardrobe, and one of these has got to be a black wool coat. Invest in one once, and it will last you for years, probably even decades if you take care of it correctly (follow the care and washing instructions people!). This season we're all about the Luxe Wool Coat, extended lapels, mid-calf length and all.


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