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The Edit: Shop The Best Pieces From Filippa K's New Collection

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 years ago | The Edit

Image: Manuela wears Holly Ryan Single Spike EarringPop and Drop Earring, Filippa K Merino V- Neck Pullover, Filippa K Tencel Wrap Skirt, and Belmore Junee Shoes.

From down here in the Antipodeans, Sweden seems like the promised land for sustainability. This perception isn’t just some rose-tinted, grass is greener mirage we’ve created in our minds, either: there’s evidence all over the place to back it up. According to the Environmental Leader (in 2013, but still), Sweden is the most sustainable country in the world, because of its “renewable energy sources and low carbon dioxide emissions, as well as social and governance practices such as labour participation, education and institutional framework”. It’s also, according to a writer at the BBC who is definitely not a millennial (no judgement, I still use the words ‘groovy’ and ‘sick’), “a haven for hipsters, Stockholm also boasts what Vogue magazine recently ranked as Europe’s coolest neighbourhood. On the island of Sodermalm, just south of the city centre, independent record stores still make money, while a thriving vintage scene and plethora of cosy cafes offer a taste for Scandinavia’s love affairs with timeless style and freshly brewed coffee”. I mean, all of these things sound perfect, particularly the “freshly brewed coffee part”, especially when it’s being served in a “cosy cafe”.

Which is probably why Swedish fashion label, Filippa K, is one of the world’s leaders in responsible fashion. Since its foundation, in 1993, Filippa K has flown in the face of the traditional fashion industry model, which is to say the label has flown in the face of turning over trend after trend, and has become synonymous with long-lasting, quality, classic items of clothing: which is convenient, considering this is exactly the kind of effortless style we’re into and which is, for lack of a better phrase (and to sound a lot like the aforementioned BBC writer) so hot right now.

In the words of the label's founder, Filippa Knutsson, "I set out to build a brand with substance and truth, not dependent on the superficial trends of the fashion industry”. To ensure Filippa K walks the talk, the label has instituted several groundbreaking initiatives, including but absolutely not limited to its leasing system, where you can hire an outfit for special occassions, (rather than buying something you're not going to wear enough), which minimises waste.

We’re pleased as punch to be the only place in the southern hemisphere from which you can by Filippa K womenswear online, and as such, we’re celebrating by shooting our favourite pieces in the way we’d wear them which is, naturally, alongside some of our other wonderful well made brands. Cool, responsible, story.

Image: Holly Ryan Single Spike Earring, Pop and Drop Earring, Filippa K Bias Jersey Dress, Belmore Eden Shoe.

Image: Holly Ryan Single Spike EarringPop and Drop Earring, Filippa K Merino V- Neck Pullover, Filippa K Tencel Wrap Skirt, and Belmore Junee Shoes.

Image: Holly Ryan Pop and Drop Earrings, Filippa K Layer Party Dress, and Belmore Junee Shoes.

Image: Holly Ryan Pop and Drop Earrings, Filippa K Loose Belt Cardi, Filippa K Luisa Cropped Cool Wool Slacks, and Belmore Junee Shoes.

Photography: Rudolf Zverina
Fashion Director: Charlotte Agnew
Hair Artist: Nina Ratsaphong
Make-up Artist: Corinna Wilmshurst
Model: Manuela at Viviens 
Fashion Assistant: Lilah Merz

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