The Fashion Events To Go To At Vivid This Year

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 years ago | Features

Image: Lonely lingerie's founder, Helene Morris, will be speaking at Catalogue's Vivid Ideas event, Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women. This image is from Lonely's new, body positive, advertising campaign.

Vivid is fast approaching again — that annual event that brings a spectacular light show, world-class music acts and some pretty inspiring talks to Sydney each year. With an extended program this time around, too, it's safe to say that Vivid Sydney is looking better than ever. Particularly prominent on our radar this year is the Vivid Ideas roster. Designed to enlighten and inspire, this is an event targeted specifically to creatives. For example, 2016 sees director Spike Jonze and Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan headline as some of the international 'Gamechangers', while local tastemaker Margaret Zhang is also amongst those set to take the stage.

Zhang's event is just one of several this year that speak to creativity in the fashion industry — and Well Made Clothes will be there too, so suffice to say we're pretty excited (and, although our event is sold out, there will be a couple more opportunities to nab tickets, so stay tuned). With that in mind, then, we've curated a selection of some of the best fashion events to go to at Vivid Ideas this year. Because, trust us, it's going to be epic. Plus, head on over to our sister site, Catalogue, for your exclusive discount to attend Margaret Zhang's Gamechangers talk and to find out more about their awesome Catalogue x Lonely competition, coming soon. It's all happening!

1) Gamechangers: Margaret ZhangJoin Margaret Zhang at Vivid Ideas, as she discusses her career, creative approaches and collaborating with brands. One of Australia’s most influential new creatives: Zhang has built a global fanbase for her work as a stylist, photographer, and creative director. She has also worked with UNIQLO, Swarovski, Clinique, Louis Vuitton and more, in a wide range of content and consulting capacities. Basically, she is a one-woman communications and creative agency. And, in this way, she represents a new generation of creative producers: independent thinkers who refuse to fit into one easy categorisation, who work across disciplines, and blur boundaries between creative and commercial work. On stage at Vivid Ideas, Margaret shares the journey of her career to this point, offers essential insights for creative practitioners who want to manage their own self-directed careers, and communicators who want to learn how to generate engaging content, and grow engaged communities. As a bonus, Catalogue readers will also save 15% off full price A Reserve Adult tickets, when you book at the following link. To save, enter 16CAT15 when booking. Get your tickets here.

2) Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower WomenOur friends over at Well Made Clothes’ sister site, Catalogue will be talking at Vivid Ideas about the irresponsible way the fashion industry has represented women’s bodies. We’re in the middle of momentous change right now with regards to the representation of women’s bodies in fashion. So it’s time to talk about it. Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women brings together a group of fashion industry insiders for a panel conversation about the ways in which fashion can and should be better for women. Hosted by Catalogue’s Fashion Editor, Rosie Dalton, the panel will include Lonely founder Helene Morris; prominent fashion photographer Liz Ham; model and House of Riot founder, Ollie Henderson; and one of Australasia’s foremost fashion journalists, Georgina Safe. Afterwards, there will be drinks at 107 Projects and a very special, female-driven exhibition curated by The Ladies Network. Basically, it’s the perfect Ladies Night and it’s happening on June 9th from 7pm. Plus, Catalogue will this week be announcing a very special competition surrounding their Vivid Ideas event and in partnership with Lonely. So keep your eyes peeled on Catalogue's site, Facebook, and Instagram. And get your tickets here.

3) Etsy Sydney Made MarketDo you love vintage shopping and supporting handmade fashion? Then celebrate all things handcrafted at the Etsy Sydney Made Market, where you’ll also have the chance to meet local crafters, collectors, artisans and designers from The online marketplace for handmade and vintage products, Etsy is hosting a fun-filled day as part of Vivid Ideas this year. It’s a free event, being held in Walsh Bay on June 4th and is perfect for discovering meaningful art, homewares and gifts. The Etsy Sydney Made Market offers a chance to interact with the makers and curators who are the heart and soul of; to connect with Sydney’s most creative crafters; and pick up distinctive handmade products to take home with you. Get your tickets here.

4) Killer Clothes: How to Stand Up to Fast FashionWell Made Clothes is hosting our own event at Vivid Ideas this year. Killer Clothes: How to Stand Up to Fast Fashion delves into some of the big issues surrounding ethical fashion today. It’s a chance to hear leaders of the fashion industry unpack complex environmental and ethical issues, and to learn about how consumers make decisions and how consumer habits can be changed. Speakers include ethicist Sascha Callaghan, renowned Australian designer Celeste Tesoriero, General Manager of Patagonia Australia, Dane O'Shanassy, and Brand Manager of Cue, Kate Bielenberg. And, together, they will discuss the challenges, the ways they are solving them, and the strategies we can adopt to stand up to fast fashion. Unfortunately, our June 4th event is already sold out, but don’t worry, because we’ll be sure to keep you updated with some of the best takeaways from this in-depth discussion about a really important issue currently facing our fashion industry today. Get your tickets here. This event is now sold out, but there will be a couple more opportunities to come, announced through our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so follow us to stay in the know.

5) 3D Printing & Future Technologies Shaping DesignA key part of the fight against fast fashion comes down to technology and the ways in which it might be able to revolutionise the way we consume clothing for the future. 3D printing can give whole new meaning to the term ‘fast fashion’, but it can also transform the way we consume all sorts of products. Which is why 3D Printing & Future Technologies Shaping Design looks set to be such an interesting event at Vivid Ideas. It’s going down on June 8th from 8am and is a panel discussion and interactive workshop by leading design and industry practitioners, showcasing how they innovate using 3D printing and other rapid prototyping technologies in their work. If you’re keen to learn more about the intersection of fashion and technology — that is, after all, what this year’s Met Gala is all about — then come and hear how these technologies are impacting their industries, but also, how they see the future of design and making evolving into the next revolution, of not only how we create design but also distribute it. Get your tickets here.

Image: Hanne Gaby Odiele wears Iris Van Herpen, who is renowned for her 3D-printed fashion work, photographed by Pierre Debusschere for A Magazine. Image source.

6) Factory Design District: ESTABLISHED_ Founders in ConversationAt Vivid Ideas this year, Factory Design District presents an ‘in conversation’ session with some of the founders of iconic Australian design brands. Hosted by David Harrison, editor of the Design.daily, this event also includes the founders of Dinosaur Designs, MUD Australia, Tait and ISM Objects. Much as been said lately about the maker movement, but these Australian makers and designers are leading the way both here and abroad and actually have been for more than 20 years. Encompassing fields such as textiles, jewellery, furniture and objects, the June 5th session will provide insight about how to achieve longevity in the market and what it takes to get a brand to London, New York or Singapore. It will also run in tandem with a fully curated exhibition of the brands' latest work, plus never before seen pieces new pieces on display at Factory Design District from June 3-5. Get your tickets here.

Article originally published on Catalogue.

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