The Feed's Jan Fran Isn't Buying Any New Clothes This Year

by: Lucy Jones | 1 year ago | News

SBS journalist Jan Fran. Image source

The Feed's Jeannette Francis, aka Jan Fran, isn't buying any new clothes this year. The SBS journalist has announced that she will be wearing pre-loved clothing on the air all year long in an effort to reduce the impact of her wardrobe (and stand out from the crowd).

"Friends, in 2019 the stylists at SBS Australia and I have decided to buy ZERO new clothes. This means I’ll only be wearing borrowed, second hand, rented, swapped or sample clothing on the teev," Francis wrote on her Facebook page. These words were accompanied by an image of Fran's first traffic-stopping lewk: a blue and white button-down dress from SWOP Clothing Exchange that is covered with tiny little fishes. Fran paired her fishy frock with a pair of silver boots for reasons that will become clear below.

"Several things are going on here 1) buying lotsa clothes is a mad waste, 2) we’re all poor and we want dollarz to stretch further, 3) I’m an attention seeking hoe who doesn’t want anyone to have the same outfit as me. I can’t stress point 3 enough," Francis explained.

She's got a point! Several points actually. Buying second-hand clothing is a great way to save money, reduce waste and develop a unique aesthetic. Taking a break from buying new clothes all the time also means that you won't have to KonMari your wardrobe once every few months. Get some vintage outfit inspo that is guaranteed to spark joy below. 

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