The Indian Capital Has Just Banned All Forms Of Disposable Plastic

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Image: waste collection for recycling at the Ghazipur landfill in New Delhi. Image source.

In excellent almost-mid-week news, the capital city of India, Delhi, has introduced a ban on all forms of disposable plastic, due to concerns over the amount of sea and air pollution it causes.

According to the Independent, single-use plastic items including cutlery, bags, and cups have been prohibited by the National Green Tribunal, across the entire National Capital Territory (NCT) area of Delhi.

The Times of India reports the country is responsible for 60 per cent of all of the plastic that is dumped into the world’s oceans every year. On top of this, there have been complaints of the illegal burning of plastic waste at rubbish dumps, which is causing air pollution.

This great step forward has reminded the Well Made Clothes team to play our small, everyday part in reducing plastic waste, including taking our tote bags to the grocers and getting our takeaway coffees in Keep Cups.

Via the Independent.

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