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The Edit: Let’s Channel Miuccia Prada, Dress (And Think) Like A Boss

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 years ago | The Edit

Image: Miuccia Prada is our fashion spirit animal, in style and in philosophy. Image source

Miuccia Prada is a master of good style. Not only that, but she’s the perfect example of confluence between fashion and intelligence. A woman of many talents, she seems to juggle motherhood with business so effortlessly — and always manages to look fabulous in the process. Her sense of personal style is concise and considered, but she is no more afraid of bright colours and bold prints than she is of speaking her mind. Which is how we came to learn about her distaste for fast fashion, or really anything that diminishes the value of quality craftsmanship.

When WWD asked Prada what she thought of the fast-fashion boom, she responded simply: “I have never even considered it… I don’t like the idea of a bad copy.” Hers is a rare opinion these days, though, as many designers clamour to partner with fast fashion brands the likes of H&M or Topshop. In fact, H&M has just released the first look at their upcoming collaboration with Kenzo and there is seemingly no shortage of luxury labels looking to secure similar deals. But Prada is a true well-made woman and she understands that fashion is about so much more than just money. “If I had an ingenious idea to do fashion that costs less but that wasn’t a bad copy of something else, with completely different criteria and ways of doing things, I would do it,” she explains. “Also with clothes that cost little, you need to ask why they cost so little. Because no one ever asks themselves that."

So in honour not only of her enduring wisdom, but also her impeccable sense of style, we’ve distilled a few of the key takeaways from Miuccia Prada’s approach.

1) Embrace colour and contrast

Image source.

At its very core, Miuccia Prada’s style is classic and feminine. There is plenty of all black in her wardrobe, for instance, and never a shortage of great white shirting. But where this designer always manages to stand out is in the way that she wholeheartedly embraces bold colours, vibrant prints and anything that will add a little interest to her outfits. "I always go for the opposite!" she proclaims with pride. It’s a skill really; almost like she wakes up in the morning and turns to a handful of trusty staples, before considering what item she can add to really grab an onlooker’s eye. Coco Chanel’s philosophy was always: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Personally, though, I feel like Miuccia Prada might just live by the very opposite mantra: ‘put one thing on’.

The Forever Forever Dress in Red: 

The Lady Lilith Skirt in Night Bouquet: 

The Django Backless Slip in Mustard: 

The Snap Skirt in Flocked Check:

The New Best Friend Dress in Black Check:

2) Gather your skirts

Image source.

Miuccia Prada loves a bold skirt. Whether that’s in terms of volume, print or fabrication, there’s a dashing drama about the way she sweeps her skirts about her. It makes me feel inspired to be a little more adventurous in the skirt department and veer away from the simple black miniskirt into territory more daring and ‘Miuccia worthy’. Like a fuller structure, flouncier hem or really beautiful print for example. In this dreary weather, I feel like nothing could be a better cure for the endless clouds.

The Lucky Skirt in Black:

The Sylvia Skirt in Blue:

The Clementine Skirt in Raw State:

The Button Down Skirt in Mini Check:

3) Mix simple with statement

Image source.

The beauty of Miuccia Prada’s approach to style is that it’s very balanced overall. A voluminous skirt or a beautiful coat will usually be offset by more minimalistic basics, like a crisp white shirt or a simple tee. It’s this mix of classic with contemporary; colour and texture with neutrals that lends such interest to each and every one of her outfits. Trawling through pictures of a young Miuccia, I can’t help but wonder if a white tee has ever looked better with anything than it has with luxurious black silk.

The Relaxed Fit Short Sleeve Scoop Neck in White:

The Spindriff Skirt in Black:

The Unisex Hemp Jersey V Tee in Black:

The Isadora Pleated Maxi:

The Women's Hemp Linen Singlet in Natural:

The Ostend Skirt in Navy:

4) Layered jewellery is a game changer

Image source.

Miuccia Prada’s style is fairly straightforward: a mix of classic basics, high-quality fabrics and a feminine but playful approach to layering. Nowhere does she layer better, though, than she does with her jewellery. Whether it’s multiple strings of pearls, a pile of chunky bracelets or a statement pair of earrings, these pieces add distinctive character to each and every one of her looks. Which makes for a very business-appropriate, but also totally personality-filled wardrobe.

The Gold Open Wavee Brooch:

The Dawn Stacker in Silver and Gold Dip:

The Gold Pop and Drop Earrings in White:

The Hold Tight Sleeper Hoop Earrings in Silver:

The Wavee Cuff in Silver:

The Black Diamond Hex Chain Earrings in 9ct Yellow Gold:

5) It’s all about how you carry it

Image source.

Above all, Miuccia Prada is a business lady. Perhaps that’s what makes her so impressive — she’s a mother, a style icon and the brains behind a hugely successful fashion empire. Between Prada and it’s younger sister brand, Miu Miu, we’re sure that she is one very busy lady. But you would hardly ever know it; so well put-together does she always appear. My theory is that a large part of this comes down to her choice of handbag — Prada is usually seen carrying a streamlined lady bag of some description, which allows her clothing to really stand out. And this chic approach instantly communicates the fact that she’s totally got her shit together. We’ll have what she’s having basically.

The Daisy in Black:

The No Excess Baggage Tote Bag in Black:

The Blinkin in Bordeaux:

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