We’re Wearing These Staples For All Our Summer Adventuring

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | Features

Image: Yifan wears the Long-Sleeved Logo Responsibili Tee

If the advent of Gorpcore has taught us anything, it’s that outdoor-wear is popular for a reason: it’s extremely functional, and extremely comfortable. We may not be the rock-climbing, mountain-biking, trail-running, insert all ’fun’-activities-which-pose-serious-threats-to-our-lives’ here types, but we are partial to hitting the beach, engaging in the occasional – gentle – hike, and exploring quaint seaside towns, and you know what’s perfect for these outdoor activities? Outdoor-wear, or at the very least, non-outdoor-wear that provides the same kind of versatility and comfort we expect from outdoor-wear. Here, we’ve wrapped the key pieces we’ve bought to get us through all of our summer activities this season, and for many more to come!

1) Tevas

Image: the Original Flatforms in Retro Blue.

We know we go on and on about these sandals, but they truly are the most functional, comfortable sandal we’ve ever worn, which makes sense when we consider that’s exactly what they were designed for. In the ‘70s, a river guide attached two pieces of Velcro to a pair of thongs so they wouldn’t fall off when he went into the water, and voila, this timeless piece of footwear was born. So ingenius is the design of the Tevas, specifically engineered to avoid blisters no less, that they was included as one of 111 objects to define 21st century fashion, by the curators of the ‘Is Fashion Modern?’ exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (currently exhibiting). If you feel like the Original Universal Sandals are a little too ‘what your dad wore when you were a kid’ (although we’re kinda loving those vibes), we’ve also got the Original Flatforms – do all your summer adventuring as a slightly taller person. 

2) The organic cotton t-shirt

Image: The Organic Classic Tee

Who was in Sydney yesterday? Well, sweat was, and is, the bain of our lives, and wearing natural fibres helps us stay that much more sweat-free. Problematically, though, conventional cotton is considered the ‘dirtiest crop in the world’ because it uses around 2.4% of the world’s cultivated land, but 11% of the world’s pesticides and 24% of the world’s insecticides. Which is why we choose certified organic cotton t-shirts to keep us cool, calm, and sustainable all summer-long. Patagonia’s P-6 Logo Cotton T-Shirts are a good option if you want to wear your values on your sleeve, and the Organic Classic Tee by Vege Threads is, in our opinion anyway, the perfect simple t-shirts, made even better by the fact that they’re all made fairly, in Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited facilities, right here in Aussie (read our interview with Amy Roberts, founder and designer of Vege Threads, over here).

3) The black one-piece swimsuit

Image: the Swim Good V One Piece.

It’s really annoying having to lug heavy carry-on around an airport, or take a bag filled with, you know, stuff, to the beach, which is why we like our summer-wear to be as versatile as possible. Enter the black one-piece swimsuit, which, as we have recounted many times on this here blog, doubles as a bodysuit. Because we’re usually wearing our swimsuits when we’re interacting with nature i.e. swimming in the ocean, we like to know their production processes have caused as little impact to said environment as possible, which is why we opt for black one-pieces which have been made from regenerated lycra, which is lycra that is made from post-consumer waste like recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets that have been salvaged from the ocean. With these swimmers we can rest assured we’re being good while we look good at the beach this summer. 

4) The slip dress

Image: the Silk Slip Dress.

Imagine how light your beach bag would be if you could simply throw one of these over the aforementioned black one-piece to go and do whatever it is you’re going to do after the beach. We love the slip dress for the kind of effortlessness, and for the fact that it can be worn in practically any scenario. For slip dresses that can be dressed up for all of our special events this summer, we opt for the Silk Slip Dress by Natalija, which is made of ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, a production process whereby the cocoons are harvested after the worms have hatched, meaning no worms are killed in the process. For something more work-appropriate, we go for the modern, utilitarian incarnation of the slip dress (with no bias-cutting, in case that’s not your thing), a.k.a. The Camisole Midi Slip Dress by Kuwaii, which comes in the label’s beautiful seasonal botanical print and in navy and pomegranate

5) A pair of wide leg pants or jeans

Image: the Milla Jeans.

Regardless of whether the skinny jean has become unfashionable recently (personally, this writer will never stop wearing them), the truth is they’re incredibly impractical in summer – it’s literally impossible to get a pair on while sweating. We still want to wear pants on those cooler occasions through the season, though, which is why we opt for wide leg versions of our favourite, high-waist styles. Our particular favourites right now are the Milla Jeans by Nobody Denim, and the Aubrey Jeans by Denimsmith (which also happen to be on sale right now!), both of which are made fairly and locally, in Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited facilities in Melbourne. 

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