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These Sustainable Millennial Pink Sneakers Will Make You Swoon

by: Lucy Jones | 2 years ago | The Edit

The Esplar sneakers are pretty and pink. 

If, like us, you pretty much live in sneakers then you’ll know that it is very hard to find stylish, sustainable, options. It is even harder to find stylish sustainable options that are also PINK. That’s why we’re so excited about these new arrivals from Veja. The blushing pink beauties come in two completely different shapes and we can’t decide which ones we love more.  

In one corner we have the chunky V10 Multico Sneaker, which features not one colour, but four! The soft millennial pink panel, made from low-impact leather, is surrounded by muted tones of grey, brown, and mauve. These panels are made from a slightly more textured perforated low-impact leather that creates a cool contrast between each section of the shoe. The multicoloured shoes are made from low-impact leather, which uses less water and chemicals in its production process than conventional leather does, in fair facilities in Brazil. They are also finished off with Veja’s signature wild rubber V logo and a recycled cotton inner sole. 

In the other corner we have the streamlined Esplar Low Logo Pierre Sneaker in a beautiful shade of bubblegum pink. These shoes are named after the Brazilian NGO that supports the organic cotton farming families Veja has worked with in North Brazil since 2004. Like the V10s, they are also made from low-impact leather and wild rubber that is sourced from trees in the Amazon, rather than plantation trees, and helps combat deforestation. But also, that colour.

Make your decision even harder by checking out Veja’s entire collection of sustainable sneakers over here.

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