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This Brand New Jumpsuit From Dress Up Is Your Autumn Look

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | The Edit

The Crossover Jumpsuit by Dress Up. Get it over here!

If you’ve been looking for that special piece to get your wardrobe feeling refreshed, then this could very well be it! We’re not kidding! Made locally (in the lovely Melbourne!) Dress Up continue to produce timeless pieces like this, the idea being that you can treasure it forever. With loving attention to detail and a classy vibe that’s impossible to imitate this lil’ slice of jumpsuit heaven will be your go-to autumn look, whether it’s a big meeting or just the sort of day where you want to feel xtra fab. It’s 100% tencel (so, so soft) it’s got neat pleats and would look great layered up, too - perfect as the temperature keeps dropping!


 You could try it in rust, too!

In fact, Dress Up has you covered for just about everything: 

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