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This Dress Is 100% What We Would Have Worn To The Oscars

by: Kat Patrick | 2 years ago | The Edit

Miss Crabb's Fleetwood Mac dress! Have a closer look over here. 

Ah, The Fleetwood Mac dress. Miss Crabb knew what they were doing when they first put this lovely silhouette together back in 2011, now re-released for a 2018 audience. This is definitely the kind of floaty, fabulous and witch-y piece we would want to be seen in on stage, on the red carpet or just like, in our living room on a quiet Sunday.

The key to looking like a zillion bucks is being very, very comfortable. No zips, no buttons, no tight corsets. You want to levitate with lightness. In some ways, major red carpets (like the Oscars) are taking on this aesthetic, with many women refusing to suffer for their looks. Which is why, when we're nominated for a very large award, you can guarantee we'll be drifting up to accept wearing something like this!

Don't fancy wearing a dress? We also highly recommend enjoying this romper, then. 
In fact, luckily for us, Miss Crabb has a very fab collection that will cover just about any taste:



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