How The Dries Documentary Celebrates Craftsmanship

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | News

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Few things celebrate the craftsmanship of fashion better than the recent Dries documentary. Celebrating the seminal work of Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten, this simply titled film gives us a glimpse into the couture-like integrity with which he approaches all of his collections. And reminds us that fashion does not mean having a swinging door of temporal trends, ever available at our fingertips.

“The word ‘fashion’ I don’t like because ‘fashion’ means something okay that is over after six months,” Dries explains in the film. “I would like to find something more timeless.” In other words then, Dries Van Noten is all about rejecting fast fashion and celebrating craftsmanship instead. “I just do things that I like,” he adds. “The magic is that people can feel like [the clothing] is [made] with a kind of honesty, a passion and that it comes from your heart.”

Described by Iris Apfel as “not the usual fashion character,” Dries is one of those rare creatives who has the potential to remind us what the true meaning of fashion is. This film shows the reverence, for example, with which he selects fabrics and the passion with which he briefs his team in the atelier. It features scenes from some of his most iconic collections and underscores the fact that those moments will last in fashion history for years to come.

It is this that fashion was once all about and this that we need to return to if we hope to truly fight fast fashion. Which doesn’t mean that we all need to rush out and buy designer clothing, of course, but simply that we should be thinking about the makers behind our clothes and appreciating the handcrafted traditions gradually fading from the industry today.

To feel inspired, watch the trailer for Dries below, or rent the full feature via the official film website

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