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This Is The Perfect, Climate-Neutral T-Shirt!

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | The Edit

 The amazing Moreblessing in our Valuable range! Take a closer look at the tee over here. 

We sell clothing with values so it makes sense that the ‘Valuable’ tees, from our International Women's Day collection, are climate neutral and made fairly, from GOTS certified organic cotton, by Earth Positive, in India, and the ‘Valuables’ totes are made fairly, from GOTS certified organic cotton in Freeset’s fair facilities in Kolkata.

Another one of our 8 Well Made Clothes Values is 
gender equality. This is because fashion has a huge impact on women everywhere. For women in the developed world, the fashion industry – via runway shows, advertising campaigns, and those very unflattering sheer slip dresses that are currently trending – affects how we see ourselves, and, depending on what we wear, how the world sees us. For women in the developing world who work in the fashion industry, it affects their entire lives, nay, is their entire lives, if they’re unlucky enough. The majority of garment workers in the world are women, and they’re often subject to inhumane treatment, as tragedies like the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 – in which over 1,100 people were killed and over another 2,000 injured – exemplified. If we outline the fashion industry supply chain, from the conventional cotton farms where women’s reproductive organs are often damaged from pesticide poisoning; to the factories where women are often paid unfairly and forced to work overtime; to the advertising billboards in the cosmopolitan centres of the world which make the women who walk past them feel terrible about themselves, we can paint a pretty ugly picture of how this beautiful industry affects the people it, for the most part, exists to serve. 

It comes in white, too! Take a closer look over here.

But we’re women who love fashion. We’re in a problem relationship with it, basically, and we’re working on fixing it, because it’s too important (not to be confused with the plot of that cult indie comedy sure to be released this summer). Because, when fashion is good for women, it’s really good for women. It can make us feel great about ourselves, and it can sustain and empower female makers and communities in the developing world. 

Which is why, for International Women’s Day 2018, we’re pleased to present our ‘Valuable’ tees and our ‘Valuables’ totes (because we’re valuable, and we need somewhere to keep our valuables – you’re welcome), with $10 from every sale being donated to Freeset, a fashion production company in India which helps to save women from sex slavery.

Take a closer look at the tee over here!

Freeset are incredible. Kolkata, India, has a massive red light district, and many of the female sex workers are, in fact, sex slaves, being taken from their homes in surrounding communities and sold into this industry. Freeset, well, frees, women from this life, retrains them with the skills required to work in the fashion industry, and employs them, in their fair trade and certified organic cotton facilities. If that’s not an example of how fashion can empower women we have no idea what is, and we couldn’t be more pleased to support the work Freeset does.

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