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This Is Why You Can Never Find Anything To Wear

by: Lucy Jones | 2 years ago | Features

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It’s Friday night and I was supposed to be at dinner an hour ago. My entire bed is covered with discarded outfit options and I am analysing a new look in the mirror. Nope. This orange halter neck top doesn’t go with my jeans either. GOD DAMMIT! I tear the top off and chuck it on the sad heap of clothes that’s starting to fill up my whole room, choking back tears.

This might seem like an over the top reaction, but anyone who’s ever experienced an outfit crisis knows that the feeling is real. A bad outfit crisis — the kind where you’re 30 outfit options deep and still naked — can feel like a total identity crisis. It shatters your self-confidence, makes you doubt your ability to make basic decisions, and leaves you wondering who the hell you are. Sitting there in the nude, surrounded by clothes that refuse to go together, you feel like a failure. But it is not your fault. 

There’s a bunch of reasons why, as an adult women who owns a lot of clothing, you can never find anything to wear. These include, but are not limited to:

Women are shamed for outfit repeating. This discourages us from building up a wardrobe of staple colours and fits that actually suit us (and go together) and encourages us to invest in random halter neck tops.

Most women’s clothes are less practical than men’s clothes, for example: pocket illusions. You know, those things on women’s pants that look like pockets but are not in fact pockets?

Clothes are not designed with actual women’s bodies in mind. Or, they are designed with a very specific type of thin and shapeless women’s body in mind. This means that, even when you are lucky enough to find a piece of clothing that suits you, it is highly unlikely that it will also feel comfortable when you’re wearing it.

The main reason you can never find anything to wear though is that your wardrobe is full of fast fashion clothes rather than timeless staples. This is 100% why I end up losing my sense of self every Friday night. When you choose to update your wardrobe with cheap new clothes all the time, rather than investing in versatile pieces that will stand the test of time, it’s much harder to build up a collection of things that actually go together. This means that you end up trying on 20 tops every time you need to leave the house. It also means that the things you actually like and wear regularly will wear out quickly because they are poorly made.

I can always rely on a pair of jeans and a simple cotton t-shirt to pull me out of an outfit/identity crisis. These items are comfortable, flattering and easy to upgrade with a pair of heels and some statement jewellery when I’m feeling TGIF. There’s a simple but important lesson in this: the best outfits are often the simplest outfits. Now that I’ve realised this, I’ve stopped buying anything that’s trendy or poor quality and started investing in timeless staples that I can mix-and-match easily. I purchase new pieces based on how well they will go with the things I already own and my general rule is that these garments need to look good AND feel good on me. This means that I buy a lot less stuff and the things that I do by are friendly, familiar, and most importantly, they feel like me. I haven’t had an outfit-related meltdown for a while, so things are working out pretty great for me. 

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