This Genius Schoolgirl Figured Out How To Make Biodegradable Plastic

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If you’ve spent most of 2017 not reaching the goals you set for yourself on December 31 2016, then maybe stop reading now?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 15-year-old scientist Angelina Arora has worked out how to make plastic from discarded fish waste. As the now-legend would have it, Arora was at her local fish and chip shop, contemplating all the prawn heads that go to waste rather than just impatiently waiting for hot chips, and started to wonder if there might be a good use for them.

She picked up a few kilos of the shells destined for the bin, took them to the science lab at her school, and eventually figured out a way to convert them into a strong, light and biodegradable plastic.” Currently studying in Year 10, she’s hoping that her invention could be used as a plastic replacement in supermarket shopping bags, for example.

Arora won big last year, picking up the first prize in chemistry for her age bracket at the NSW Young Scientist Awards, for a different plastic made out of corn starch. It was a little less reliable as it dissolved the minute it touched water, but it was where she got a few introductions to top scientists at CSIRO, who have mentored her through this current project.

She is also acutely aware of the devastation wreaked on marine life by our current plastic habit, buying fish from her local fishmonger and exposing the vast amount of tiny plastic fragments inside each one. Arora wants to replace this sort of waste with biodegradable ones like hers. Legend!

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