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Those 'Reusable' Plastic Bags Will Be Banned Soon Too

by: Lucy Jones | 1 year ago | Sport

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The supermarket plastic bag ban is working. Since Coles and Woolworths banned single-use bags, the nation's plastic bag consumption has dropped by 80%. According to the National Retail Association, these bans have also stopped 1.5 billion plastic bags from entering the environment in the first place. Now that everyone is used to bringing their own bags to the shops, the Federal government is planning to phase out those thick plastic shopping bags too. WA Environment Minister Stephen Dawson, who agreed to a new National Waste Policy last Friday alongside Sate and Federal representatives, said that 'reusable' plastic bags will be the next to go.

“We’ll work with retailers to stop those heavier bags — the type that Myer uses, for example — about how we might phase them out,” Mr Dawson said.

“I think it would be a gradual phase-out, just as we’ve done with say microbeads.”

Some of Australia's biggest retailers, including Myer, David Jones and Coles, would need to introduce plastic bag alternatives under the new scheme. Like the supermarket ban, the plan to phase out thick plastic bags would also make shoppers think twice about their consumption choices.

NRA spokesman David Stout said that the existing bans have already drastically reduced the number of plastic bags in circulation. 

“The decision by certain retailers to no longer offer free single-use plastic carry bags certainly received a hostile response from some shoppers initially, but these retailers deserve credit for dramatically reducing the number of bags in circulation,” he said

Retailers may see some resistance from customers at first, but extended plastic bag bans will ultimately benefit people and the planet. Hopefully one day we'll all get so used to bringing our own bags that retailers won't have to supply them at all! 

Via Perth Now.

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