We're Wearing Pyjamas As Daywear Because Why Wouldn't We?

by: Rosie Dalton | 11 months ago | Features

Image: Susannah Lau wearing pyjamas as daywear in Paris. Image source

As we emerge from the haziness of a hot, hot summer and start to enter more measured, trans-seasonal territory, the time is ripe for wearing pyjamas as daywear. This is pretty much how we would like to dress every day of the week, but the ‘pre’ seasons – during which it is neither too hot, nor too cold – are particularly accommodating for this state of dress. And, fortunately, we have the perfect pieces to fulfil this ‘pyjamas as daywear’ MO as well. Enter Natalija, the local label that crafts high quality, pyjama-inspired separates using peace silk.

Taking cues from bedroom staples like a classic button-down or a relaxed pair of drawstring trousers, these elegant – and sustainable – garments can be effortlessly dressed up with a pair of heels, or worn during the day with a casual pair of loafers or sandals. Which means you can be as comfortable as possible, all day long. So if you are looking for maximum relaxation in the wardrobe department, then you might like to shop some of our favourite pyjama-style selects that also double as daywear.

1) The fancy twist on a timeless pyjama top

Image: the Silk Pyjama Top in White.

There are few garments quite so comforting as a great pyjama-style top like Natalija’s Silk Pyjama Top in White. Crafted from peace silk – which allows the silkworm to emerge from the cocoon and complete its natural life cycle – this piece pairs effortlessly well with jeans (or denim of any kind, really). It can also be dressed up in a pinch with statement earrings and a bold red lip. Which makes it comfortable and versatile to boot.   

2) The relaxed silk trouser

Image: the Silk Satin Wide Leg Pants in Black.

I practically live in jeans on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes your legs need an excuse to luxuriate a little as well – and a pair of relaxed silk trousers is the perfect solution. They will make you feel like you are still hanging out in bed, even though you’re out and about in the world; which is a pretty excellent feat in wardrobe trickery, if you ask me. Dress them up by adding a little height in the footwear department, or keep them casual for running your daily errands (and making said errands just a little less mundane).

3) The cami top crafted from peace silk

Image: the V-Neck Silk Cami in White.

Just like a slip dress, but even more versatile – if that’s possible – a pyjama-inspired silk cami top will pair well with almost everything you own. It can be worn over T-shirts for a casual effect, or tucked into a sleek pair of trousers if you have a more formal event to attend. Either way, it is a true wardrobe chameleon and, like all pyjama-inspired daywear, it is an incredibly comfortable addition to your daily routine.

4) The nightgown-inspired slip dress

Image: the Silk Slip Dress in Black.

The aforementioned slip dress is otherwise known as one of the most universally versatile items of clothing. We probably don’t need to tell you that this style (which is derived from a classic nightgown) works well over turtlenecks and T-shirts, as well as blue jeans or streamlined trousers. In addition to this, a slip dress effortlessly captures those nineties Kate Moss vibes when worn by itself. So if you really can’t be bothered to attend that particular event and would rather just stay in bed instead, a slip dress offers the ideal compromise.


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