The Winter Sale is Almost Over, Get Our Top 10 Sale Picks Before They’re Gone

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | The Edit

Image: The Envelope Dress in Kowhai, reduced from $373AUD to $147AUD, also known as the 'I Need To Steal Everyone's Attention At This Event' dress.

This post has a simple premise: we spend most days poring over our sale section, weighing up products against each other, deciding which ones we’ll wear more, which ones we prefer, which ones will draw the most post positive attention et al. Thus: we consider ourselves experts of our sale section, so we thought, before the new season is here and these pieces disappear into our mental notebooks of ‘why did I not get that, I am a terrible person’ (we place a lot of importance on our wardrobes and are hard on ourselves), we thought we’d collate our Top 10 Winter Sale Pieces To Get Before They’re Gone.

1) The Parabole in Black, reduced from $259AUD to $155AUD, because vegan, high-quality, well-designed bags are hard to find and these are the best.

2) The Envelope Dress in Kowhai, reduced from $373AUD to $147AUD, also known as the 'I Need To Impress Everyone At This Wedding I Don't Want To Go To' dress.

3) The Champs de Fleurs Dress in Biro Blue Flowers On Cream, reduced from $382AUD to $191AUD, also known as the 'We Want To Re-Live The '60s, and Steal Chloe Sevigny's Style Simultaneously' dress.

4) The Tencel Wrap Skirt in Black, reduced from $277AUD to $139AUD, because if we're going to buy well-made staple pieces, we'd prefer they were on sale thank you very much.

5) The Moonlight Skivvy in Creme, reduced from $230AUD to $138AUD, because we want to look as effortlessly stylish as the woman in this photograph, and because silk jersey will be the perfect mid-weight layer to see us through spring.

6) The Ostend Skirt in Navy, reduced from $391AUD to $195AUD, because this is an absolutely fabulous, wool bouclé, full circle, investment piece skirt, and if you can get an absolutely fabulous, wool bouclé, full circle, investment piece skirt at 50% off, you probably should. 

7) The Cult Skinny Ankle in Freedom, reduced from $229AUD to $159AUD, because believe us when we say the cult skinny are the most comfortable pair of jeans you will ever wear, and getting them on sale is just a bonus, especially when they're the perfect spring colour (why are these actually on sale?).

8) The Alaska Sweater in Natural, reduced from $275AUD to $220AUD, also known as the 'I Will Wear This While Watching TV, While In Bed, While Going For Brunch, And While Drinking In The Sun On Saturday Afternoons, Because It Is The Most Comfortable Thing Ever But Also Happens To Look Good' jumper.

9) The Potpourri Split Pants in Onyx, reduced from $395AUD to $275AUD, also known as 'The Classic Black Pants With A Twist'.

10) The Daisy in Black, reduced from $169AUD to $99AUD, because no-one ever regretted buying a classic black clutch, especially not when no animals were harmed in the making of it.


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