Transform Your Home Into A Plant-Filled Green Zone

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 5 months ago | Features

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We’re spending more time than ever at home, so there has never been a better time to bring the outside in. Inspired by all of the beautiful plant-filled spaces we see on Instagram, though, it can sometimes be confusing knowing where to start. So we consulted Domain’s interiors blog for tips on how to transform your home into a plant-filled green zone.

Here’s what we found!


1) Think about your home conditions
Before you work out which area of your house to build your green zone in, consider your overall home conditions. Things like natural light are important, because most plants (even indoor plants) need some light to thrive and survive. The amount of light needed depends on variety too, so do your research to find plants that suit your home conditions. Also think about how often you are at home and how much time you realistically have to care for your plants, which will help to inform your choice of greenery.

2) Start with easycare plants
If you’re not yet an experienced green thumb, then it’s a good idea to start with some easycare plants, to help you build up your skills with greenery. Architect and interior designer Jason Chongue of The Plant Society tells Domain that “the best plants to start with when you are new to gardening indoors are devil’s ivy, fruit salad plant, and peace lily. These are easycare plants that will guide you into the indoor gardening world.”

3) Consider your interiors
Building your green zone is a great opportunity to also think about how you can complement your interiors in the process. It might be that new plants are the perfect solution to liven up a tired bookshelf in the corner of the room. Or you could pick out some beautiful planters that feel like an extension of your interiors.

4) Mist regularly in the winter months
Water is key for plant survival, but it is also important to let your plants dry out properly in between watering – because overwatering is one of the biggest killers of indoor plants. So stick your finger in the soil to make sure that it is in need of a drink and mist regularly with a spray bottle in winter, when heating can dry out your plants.


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