UN Hosting Summit On Fashion Sustainability

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Image: the United Nations headquarters in New York. Image source

The United Nations recently announced that it would be hosting a sustainable fashion briefing and showcase, as a way to use “fashion as a vehicle for change”. Fashion and Sustainability: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good will be held on Thursday November 16 2017 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. According to the UN, it will be moderated by Patrick Duffy, who is the founder of the Global Fashion Exchange (GFX).

Founded in 2013, GFX is an international platform promoting sustainability in the fashion industry through inspiring forums, educational content and cultural events. Empowering customers to take action in order to minimise fashion’s impact on the environment, this organisation hosts interactive clothing swaps and a number of inspiring talks. Which is why Duffy’s involvement in the UN’s latest fashion sustainability initiative marks such a positive step for the industry.

Also on the bill to speak at Fashion and Sustainability: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good is Andrea Reyes, founder of A.Bernadette; Shivam Punja, founder of Behno; Amanda Carr, director of strategic initiatives at Canopy; Ashia Sheikh, director of strategy and partnerhips at Nest; and Lilian Liu, manager of partnerhips and UN relations, UN global compact. As influential organisations like the United Nations getting behind sustainable fashion as a vital way forward, we can’t help but feel just a little more positive about the future of the industry.

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