Unpacking Our Sustainable Value

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: via one of our sustainable labels, Kowtow

‘Sustainability’ is a word that’s used very loosely in fashion – and this has led to it becoming one of the most misunderstood concepts. Although actually a very holistic term, a lot of major brands have recently begun making sustainability claims that not only aren’t holistic, but also contradict the unsustainability of excess production as a business model. Which is why we feel that it’s so important for brands to define what sustainability means to them.

Sustainability is one of the eight values at Well Made Clothes. These values form the framework behind our company’s ethics. All brands on Well Made Clothes must adhere to a rigorous code of conduct, which requires them to meet minimum labour and environmental requirements. Then on top of this, each brand must meet at least one of our core values – each of which is also governed by a strict set of minimum requirements.

Because we prefer the clothing we wear directly on our skin to be free from nasty chemicals – and are conscious of protecting our planet – all brands that meet our sustainable value must have at least 80% of their products made using sustainable materials and processes. We aren’t talking about ‘natural’ fibres here, but about organic textiles, certified closed loop viscose (you know it as Modal, bamboo etc.), recycled polyester and nylon, hemp, or peace silk. Examples of sustainable processes also include using low impact dyes or implementing and upholding climate neutrality.

We believe it’s important to define sustainability in strict terms like this, so people can understand how much of an impact their garments have on the world. Genuinely sustainable brands like Kowtow are really open about their supply chains, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. So, in lieu of a global accreditation system for such things, it’s important to establish some structure around exactly what is meant by ‘sustainability’.

This is the purpose of our Values System. And we define sustainable with relation to planetary impact. Because fashion is still considered one of the most polluting industries in the world – so clearly, urgent change is vital.


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