Victorian Recycling Giant Forced To Close Amid Worsening Waste Crisis

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | News

Image: dire straits in Victoria’s recycling sector. Image source

The waste crisis is pretty dire right now and nowhere is this more apparent than in the state of Victoria. Here, one of the largest kerbside recycling companies has been forced to close its doors after it failed to pay creditors $5.5 million.

According to The Age, SKM was “given 10 days by Judicial Registrar Julian Hetyey to try to close a deal with a prospective buyer and repay millions of dollars it owed.” But the company was declared insolvent and wound up by the Supreme Court last week, after it failed to do so.

This leaves the state in a lurch, with the Andrews government now scrambling to attract a recycler to Victoria, where there are "too few players" in the local market. Without SKM on the scene, local councils have reportedly begun sending tonnes of household recyclable material to landfill. Which is terrible news for the war on waste.

To try and mitigate this situation, the Victorian Greens have commissioned analysis for a new plastics recycling plant, which would cost $52 million to establish. The Age reports that this proposed recycling centre would clean and sort the gathered plastic waste and turn it into pellets to be sold for use in new products.

“This policy to establish a closed-loop plastic recycling facility would constitute more advanced local processing of Victorian plastic waste,” the analysis said. In the meantime, though, tonnes of recyclable material will clog up the state’s landfill unnecessarily. Which is just the latest saga in the global waste crisis.

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