A Visual Diary Of How Our Dream Jeans Were Made

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 week ago | Features

Image: our Nola Jeans.

We collaborated with fair, local denim manufacturers – and Australia’s leading denim experts – Denimsmith to make the jeans of our dreams.

The Nola Jeans are the vintage-inspired, high-waisted, slim-straight-leg jeans we’ve been searching for. They’re also fairly- and locally-made in Denimsmith’s Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited facilities in East Brunswick in Melbourne.

Because we’re proud these jeans are fairly- and locally-made, and because we think the technical skills that go into making jeans is fascinating, we asked Leonie Rutherford, Denimsmith’s designer and denim fit expert, to diarise the process of making our Nola Jeans. Thanks Leonie! 

Check out Leonie's photo diary below, and check out our Nola Jeans here.

Check out the Nola Jeans here.

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