Vivienne Westwood Urges Us To Act Against Climate Change At London Fashion Week

by: Courtney Sanders | 4 years ago | News

Image: Vivienne Westwood at London Fashion Week earlier this week. Image source.

Vivienne Westwood’s modus operandi has always been to incorporate political ideas and activism into her fashion output – making them almost indistinguishable from one another, in fact – from imbuing a nuanced understanding of sex and sexuality into her collections to rejecting monarchism in the beginning of her career, to decrying climate change and the governments and international corporations who are doing nothing about it, in more recent years.

Her presentation at London Fashion Week earlier this week urged us all to take action against climate change. The presentation, for fall-winter 2017-18, merged her MAN and Red Label collections together in a unisex collection underpinned by anti-big business, pro-renewable energy sentiments. The key pieces were subverted ‘80s, pinstripe, double-breasted power suits – the stereotypical attire of corporate fat cats – which were emblazoned with patches and printed slogans; one pair of pants declared “What’s good for the planet... is bad for the economy”, waistbands gave a nod to her ‘Intellectuals Unite’ initiative, and the models wore crowns which bore the word ‘Ecotricity’; the name of the company, founded in 1996, which uses windmills to provide farmers with renewable energy in the UK, and which, according to Dazed Digital, uses the revenue it makes from this to build new sources of eco energy. Founder, Dale Vince, was backstage at the show celebrating Vivienne Westwood’s dedication to the renewable energy cause, too.

From her ongoing commentary about reducing consumption – including choice quotes like “buy less, choose well, make it last” – to her activism against climate change, Vivienne Westwood is proving fashion can – and should! – be a vessel for positive political change, and an icon in our eyes as a result (we also aspire to have half as much style as she does).

Via Dazed Digital

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