Watch The Child Labor Experiment Uncover Ruthless Morals Within The Fashion Industry

by: Rosie Dalton | 5 years ago | News

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The €2 T-shirt vending machine was a genius social experiment for Fashion Revolution Day in Berlin last year. One that asked shoppers to deposit 2 euros for its wares, but instead showed them images of the shirt’s production at sweatshops around the world. Afterwards, the vending machine asked them if they would prefer to donate their 2 euros in order to help incite change. And now the team behind that initiative is back again, with a new hidden-camera project exposing fashion’s endemic double standards.

This time around, it’s the issue of child labour in the fast fashion workforce that’s on the agenda. And what results is The Child Labor Experiment video. In it, Fashion Revolution Germany asks five children, aged 10 to 12, to try their hand seeking out employment from various different fashion companies. This is done online, over the phone and in-store at stores all around Berlin. Of course, the response of the adults working in these stores is one of total shock. “You’re way too young,” one representative balks. “That would be child labour,” remarks another. While a third goes so far as to say, “children should play, not work”. Even after promises of very cheap labour are made, this does nothing to persuade them further.

What this initiative serves to highlight are the injustices inherent within fashion’s child labour workforce and, especially, the geographic distribution thereof. As the children themselves point out, children in the developed and developing world aren’t different. “We reject your double standard,” they assert. And they ask us to join them. “Have you ever asked yourself who made your clothes? Quite possibly, it was a child. One of millions working for the fashion industry. 16 hours a day. Under miserable conditions. You can either just accept it. Or you can do something about it.”

Watch the video here.

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