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What To Wear This Weekend When You Have To Be Social But Can't Be Bothered With Any Of It

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 years ago | The Edit

Image: Winona Ryder doing the thing we want to be doing all weekend. Image source.

Somehow the working week feels extra long in wintertime, which is why it can often be hard to drag our butts from bed once the weekend rolls around. Netflix, doonas and homemade coffee on tap all make compelling arguments for giving into that urge too. But sometimes the series ends, the coffee runs out, or you remember that you actually really do love hanging out with your friends. So the question then becomes how to dress the part of your inner social butterfly, even when you’re really not feeling anything like her.

Dressing to disguise the fact that you can't be bothered with any of it is really just a matter of smoke and mirrors. A quality fabric here, an eye-catching pop of colour there and you can successfully distract from the main point of your outfit: the fact that you're actually just very, very comfy. The winning formula, then, is one that requires minimum effort, with maximum impact. A versatile, comfortable weekend wardrobe that can be easily adapted to any situation that you might find yourself thrown into.

1) Jeans which feel like trackpants

There's something about the weekend that just calls for comfy denim. Jeans that have the perfect amount of stretch in them, for example, to see you through two days of market shopping, bar hopping or dinner dates. Or perhaps a pair of flares to really kick things up a notch. The best thing about denim is that, comfy though it is, this fabrication is also the ultimate chameleon. Therefore, it can be easily dressed up with heels, a red lip or statement hoop earrings. Black denim is particularly versatile here, offering a blank canvas for almost any occasion. But then again, that perfect weekend sunshine looks great on blue too.

The Cult Flare in Blackout:

The Midi in Daring:

The Siren Skinny in Artiste:

The Geo Skinny in Power Navy: 

2) Dresses which are basically nightgowns (but look like dresses)

The ultimate building block dress differs for every woman. It could be a silk slip dress for some, or a simple shift that layers perfectly with everything. Whatever your personal approach, though, this piece should be as versatile as possible. Because, that way, you can dress it up or down with minimal effort necessary. Once the temperature drops at night, this is a garment that can be layered effortlessly with a turtleneck underneath, or a cosy sweater tossed over the top. A pair of heels will lend a totally different look to your favourite boots, while a striking piece of jewellery can transform the style again. Whatever the occasion, this dress should work really hard, so you don't have to.

The Helena Slip in Black: 

The Modal Tank Dress in Navy: 

The Women's Hemp Jersey A-Line Dress in Light Grey:

The Drama Dress in Weathered Blue: 

The Women's Hemp Linen Slip Dress in Indigo: 

The Love Letter Dress in Black: 

3) Statement jewellery in lieu of putting an outfit together

A special piece of statement jewellery is perfect for those weekends where your social calendar is bursting, but you really can't be bothered with any of it. Because a necklace or a pair of earrings are relatively easy to tuck inside your handbag for emergency use later on. Whether you’ve spent longer than expected at the pub for afternoon beers, or just received a last minute party invite, some statement jewellery can give the transformative impression that you've already been home to change. I’m especially fond of a pair of gold hoops — relaxed with denim, but somehow fancy-feeling with a small heel and black dress. But anything that perks your spirits will be sure to attract comments from others too... they'll never even notice that you're still wearing yesterday's jeans.

The Hold Tight Sleeper Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver: 

The Gold Pop & Drop Choker in White: 

The Till Death Do Us Part Ring in Gold Dip: 

The Gold Constructivist Hoops in 9ct Yellow Gold: 

The Black Diamond Hex Chain Earrings in 9ct Rose Gold: 

The Large Wavee Earrings in Silver: 

4) The sweater which feels like your favourite band t-shirt but looks like something a #fashion blogger would wear 

The best thing about a special, cosy sweater is that it's really, really comfortable, but also makes for a lasting impression. People will comment on the soft feel of the fabric, superior detail of the stitching, or flattering neckline without even noticing that you couldn't really be bothered to get out of bed this morning. Plus, it can be worn over the top of slip dresses or other silky creations to make your look versatile enough for moving seamlessly from the barbecue to the bar in one fell swoop.

The Chloe Wool Jumper in Salt 'n' Pepper: 

The Aurora Jumper in Cloud: 

The Cropped Jumper in Black: 

The Alaska Sweater in Natural: 

The Virgin Wool Black Chunky Roll Neck Jumper:
The V-Neck Sweater in White: 

5) The standout piece which takes no effort whatsoever

Nothing says 'I am a Social Butterfly' more and 'I Really Couldn't be Bothered Today' less than a pièce de résistance garment like a special silk dress or a brightly coloured handbag. These are the old faithful pieces that you can turn to time and time again, whatever the occasion. Bold enough to make a statement, but flexible enough to suit your surroundings as well. Finding your own pièce de résistance will be a personal pursuit, but for me it's the perfect statement jacket. For others, it could be that colourful twist. Without doubt, a pop of signature colour can liven up your neutrals or denim and give the impression that you've really made an effort today— even when you actually haven't. Aren’t weekends fabulous?

The Atomic Dress in MC Red: 

The Tauber Coat: 

The Rubicon Bag in Marigold: 

The Sylvia Skirt in Blue:
The Forever Forever Dress in Black: 

The Isadora Pleated Maxi: 


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