Why Being Responsible Is The New Age For Fashion

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | Features

Image: Woan Ni wears Filippa K Layer Party Dress. Suba wears Celeste Tesoriero Poppy Deep V Dress. Alesha wears Dress Up Turtleneck (coming soon) and Filippa K Tencel Wrap Skirt. Talia wears Kuwaii Concord Knit Sweater and Dress Up Pants (coming soon). 

Being a millennial, who missed out on living through all of The Important Subcultural Movements Of History myself, I spend a lot of time gazing into the past, rose-tinted glasses firmly on, wishing I could have been my age (or younger, naturally) when some band, preferably Nirvana, or some fashion designer, preferably Vivienne Westwood, were opposing the mainstream, passionate army of followers firmly in tow.

But really, I've spent far too long maligning the death of subculture (read: crying to Kurt Cobain’s dulcet tones), and the death of meaning in fashion, because it’s become clear over the past few years that we’re actually living through a fashion movement right now, one which will be defined by much more than the particular cut of one’s dress.

Ramon Martin, founder of TOME, said something during Clean Cut’s Future Talks at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week, which really stuck with me: “In fashion there’s everything out there. There’s nothing that you can’t buy at any given price point. So how do you find the next chapter in fashion; of something that expresses the time and the culture of any given period in our history? And this is it; this is what is going to speak to generations to come; to [distinguish] what fashion was i the early 2000s. ‘It wasn’t about high hemlines or a miniskirt or whatever it was back in the day; it was about changing the way we make clothes.’”

We here at Well Made Clothes consider ourselves part of The New Age of the fashion industry: we celebrate and stock the labels which are being responsible in the most important parts of the supply chain, because we hope these labels will lead the fashion industry into the brighter future it needs and deserves. Our latest campaign is our weird little interpretation of that: this cult of outsiders, who have clearly re-watched The Craft too many times, coming together to worship a new set of values (or, you know, ice sculptures). It’s our girl gang, it’s our cult, it’s our version of the New Age. Come join us. 

Image: Woan Ni wears Filippa K Layer Party Dress. Suba wears Celeste Tesoriero Poppy Deep V Dress. Alesha wears Dress Up Turtleneck (coming soon), and Filippa K Tencel Wrap Skirt. Talia wears Kuwaii Concord Knit Sweater, and Dress Up Pants (coming soon).

Image: Alesha wears Dress Up Turtleneck (coming soon).

Image: Suba wears Filippa K Bias Jersey Dress. Woan Ni wears Filippa K Merino Short Cardi, and Filippa K Cropped Cool Wool Slacks.

Image: Suba wears Her Dylan One Piece. Woan Ni wears Good Studios PJ Suit Pant, and Camp Cove Annie Full Piece.

Image: Suba wears Kowtow Pen To Paper Jumpsuit. Talia wears Kowtow Things In Common Culottes, and Kowtow Chapter Top.

Image: Suba wears Holly Ryan Silver Pop And Drop Earrings, Seeker x Retriever Essentials Short Sleeve Shirt, and Seeker x Retriever Signature Oversize Trousers. Woan Ni wears Nobody Denim Cult Pencil Skirt, and Nobody Denim Old Fav Shirt. Alesha wears Nico Basic Tee, and Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans. Talia wears Good Studios Women's Duster, and Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Jeans.

Image: Alesha wears Nobody Denim Cult Ankle Flare, and Carlie Ballard Trailblazer Shirt. Talia wears Nobody denim jeans, Hunter Tie Top, Good Studios Women's Unisex Australian Wool Turtleneck Jumper, and Belmore Mareeba Mules. Woan Ni wears Hunter Button Down Mini, Nico Basic Tee, and Belmore Bourke Chelsea Boots. Suba wears Hunter Button Down Mini, Filippa K Merino V-Neck Sweater and Belmore Eden Slippers.

Image: Alesha wears Nobody Denim Cult Ankle Flare, and Carlie Ballard Trailblazer Shirt. Talia wears Nobody denim jeans, Hunter Tie Top, Good Studios Women's Unisex Australian Wool Turtleneck Jumper, and Belmore Mareeba Mules. Woan Ni wears Hunter Button Down Mini, Nico Basic Tee, and Belmore Bourke Chelsea Boots. Suba wears Hunter Button Down Mini, Filippa K Merino V-Neck Sweater, and Belmore Eden Slippers.

Image: Alesha wears Her Frances Bikini Top, Hunter Gia Pants, and Holly Ryan Single Spike Earring. Talia wears Hunter Gia Pants, Hunter Gia Pants, and Meadowlark earrings (coming soon).

Photographer: Rudolf Zverina 
Fashion Director: Charlotte Agnew 
Make-up Artist: Corinna Wilmshurst 
Hair Artist: Stavros Georgoulas
Fashion Assistant: Lilah Merz
Models: Talia at Chic, Suba at IMG, Alesha at Work, Woan Ni at Vivien's. 

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