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Why Definitions Matter

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 9 months ago | Features

Greenwashing is unfortunately still prevalent in fashion. As demand for ethical clothes increases, many big brands have begun using vague language and imagery to make themselves seem better than they are. Which is why definitions matter in fashion. 

When using ethical fashion language, it’s increasingly important for brands to be clear about what they mean. Even better, to back that up with the facts to prove it.

Enter the WMC Values System. In addition to our minimum labour and environmental standards, each brand must meet at least one of our core values. Here, we unpack exactly what we mean by each.

All our Handcrafted brands make a minimum of 50% of each product using traditional handmade methods, completed by skilled workers. This helps uphold the cultural wisdom of craftsmanship.

Our Local brands make a minimum 80% of their Cut Make and Trim (CMT) production in their country of origin. This helps keep jobs and industry onshore.

Minimal Waste
In the supply chain, our Minimal Waste brands actively reduce the waste of materials, water, electricity and/or effluents. This helps to combat fashion’s landfill problem.

Gender Equal
Our Gender Equal brands comply with equal employment rights and anti-discrimination laws, as well as employing female identifying people in managerial roles, offering equal pay and up-skilling.

Sustainability’ is still very misunderstood. Our Sustainable brands make at least 80% of their products using sustainable materials (e.g. organic textiles, closed loop viscose) and processes – including low impact dyeing and climate neutrality.

Unfortunately, modern slavery is still prevalent in fashion supply chains. Our Fair brands use accredited CMT manufacturers – with requirements including paying a minimum wage and offering paid, voluntary overtime.

According to PETA, more than a billion animals are killed annually for their fur and leather. Our Vegan brands demonstrate that 100% of their products don’t harm or kill animals in any way.

Our Transparent brands can trace their production process, from the raw material right through to the finished product – including CMT dyeing and printing facilities.

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