Why I’m Ready For Winter Dressing Already

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: wearing the Kowtow Composure Cardigan, which is now available in red; and a pair of responsibly made jeans.

I am perennially cold. Which is why I never thought I’d hear myself say the words: ‘I am ready for winter’. But, lo and behold, that’s exactly how I feel right now – at least in the wardrobe department. Don’t get me wrong – summer dressing is fun. It requires fewer clothes and, therefore, less effort getting dressed of the morning too. As a result, though, it also demands a little less creativity in the wardrobe department and – for once in my life – I am ready for the challenge of layering and wardrobe experimentation that the cooler weather invites.

I am ready to wear a damn coat, for crying out loud. And, again, this is not because I don’t love going to the beach, or appreciate a white cotton sundress as much as the next Sydneysider. It is just that now I am craving warm fires and red wine, patterned coats and a turtleneck to wear underneath my dresses. I’m not sure if this has to do with anything other than the fact that summer seems to be dragging on forever, but beyond this, that reality truly terrified me. I mean 34 degrees in April is just not normal, am I right?

The endless summer that we’ve been faced with of late has helped me to realise exactly why I appreciate the different seasons in fashion– and it has concurrently helped me to understand in action, just how much major industries like fashion impact the world around us. Sometimes the cold hard facts about fashion’s harsh environmental impact can seem like just that – facts. And statistics aren’t exactly sexy. But when you find yourself sweltering midway through the second month of Autumn, those statistics do start to take on new meaning. And it’s a sign that we need to take action.

Of course, the faster-than-ever fashion industry isn’t solely to blame for climate change – and there are many other industries placing the planet at risk today too. But it does have a big impact and it’s one we can’t ignore. So if you are anything like me and you’re feeling fed up of summer and ready for winter dressing already, then this is a good time to curate your winter wardrobe with responsibility in mind. Because I have decided to go ahead and pretend that winter really is upon us now, this is how I am curating my own winter wardrobe.

To start with, I am focussing on local labels – those whose operations require less energy in transporting garments halfway across the world. I am also turning to brands that use responsible fibres for their designs. Whether they are sustainable fabrics like Kowtow’s organic cotton knitwear, or responsible merino wool such as you will find in Woolerina’s cosy turtlenecks. With the values to guide my capsule wardrobe, I then turn my mind to versatility.

Ultimately, pieces that can be worn lots of different ways will be more sustainable in the long run. They also simplify the process of getting dressed – because I know that, in the dead of winter, I probably will miss this about the summer morning routine. Streamlined sweaters that can be worn underneath pieces are incredibly versatile, for example. They can be worn with pants and jeans, as well as under slip tops and dresses for fancier occasions. Which also means that I can extend my summery items through to the winter months too – resulting in better cost per wear.

A solid denim foundation is always necessary for winter, too, because jeans are both practical and cosy. I particularly gravitate towards blue shades of denim in the cooler months, because it helps break up the plethora of black that abounds throughout my winter wardrobe. Then all I need are some reliable statement accessories to help me up the creativity game. A bold pair of gold earrings, for example; shoes that can be worn with both pants and stockings; and a bright handbag to help inject a little colour into my winter wardrobe. It may be wishful thinking, but I am just going ahead and acting like it’s time for the turtlenecks and teacups already.  


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