Why Sustainable Lingerie Is Better For Your Wardrobe, Wellbeing And The World

by: Rosie Dalton | 10 months ago | Features

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Sometimes lingerie gets left behind in the conversation around ethical fashion, but it is actually one of the most important areas. Underwear is essentially universal – we all need to wear it. And it is also the garment category that relates to our bodies most, given that it sits directly against our skin (which is known to absorb whatever it touches) and is worn in extremely close contact with our reproductive organs. Simply put, then, sustainable lingerie is better lingerie.

This is true not just when we are talking about your personal wellbeing, either, but the impact of your wardrobe and the world more generally. Because regular cotton underwear is part of an insidious culture of conventional farming, which has very serious ramifications for both people and the planet. So, below we’re discussing some of the main reasons why sustainable lingerie actually is better lingerie.

1) Sustainable lingerie is better for your wardrobe
Sustainable lingerie is better for your wardrobe because it helps you to reduce your overall footprint on people and the planet. Not just that, but these particular bras and knickers have usually been crafted with great care as well. And because they are built to last, this means that you can rely on the cut, construction and colour palette to see you through for many seasons to come. When you think about this from an economical perspective, it can ultimately save you a lot of pennies long-term, because it prevents you from having to buy new underwear on the regular. And so, once you convert to sustainable underwear, you will never look back.  

2) Sustainable lingerie is better for your wellbeing
If you care about wellbeing, then you should also care about the fibres you wear close to your body. This is where sustainable lingerie is one of the most important areas for you to focus on when it comes to clothes that are good for your health. Because these are the pieces we wear closest to our bodies – and there are some pretty scary statistics about the chemicals used in conventional cotton farming. Glyphosate, for example, is a herbicide that’s commonly used on cotton crops. This is despite the fact that it has been found to have “genotoxic effects and interaction with hormones have [also] been reported, as well as reproductive, developmental, immune and neurological effects.” If you buy sustainable lingerie instead though – made from awesome fibres like organic cotton and bamboo – then you can protect your wellbeing while also supporting labels that care about the planet.

3) Sustainable lingerie is better for the world
Last but not least, sustainable lingerie is good for the world around you. This is because it is specifically designed to reduce planetary impact. By steering clear of the nasty toxic chemicals frequently found in conventional cotton farming and the like, sustainable fibres like organic cotton and bamboo actually help improve soil quality, rather than depleting it. Not only does it support the earth, but it also means the workers farming those crops are also less likely to develop serious health issues as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals. This might not seem like a big deal when you’re unable to witness it IRL. But it is, because according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “poisoning is a significant global public health problem.” In 2012, WHO estimated that 193,460 people died worldwide from unintentional chemical (including pesticide) poisoning and most of these exposures were preventable. So support sustainable lingerie instead to help push back against these kinds of pandemic problems. 


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