5 Important Reasons Why Well Made Denim Is Better Denim

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Levi's WaterLess jeans use technology to reduce the amount of water used in the finishing process by up to 96%. Image source.

Denim is one of those truly universal wardrobe staples — which is a rare feat in fashion. Transcending the boundaries of gender, age and geography, it is perhaps little wonder that this segment holds such a major stake in the global fashion market, then. In 2016, for instance, jeans alone generated more than $40 billion globally. But despite its popularity, not all denim is created equal. In fact, when produced irresponsibly, a pair of jeans can be among the least ethical wardrobe items.

Not only are they composed primarily of cotton — and conventional cotton is notorious for its environmental degradation— but jeans are also incredibly water intensive. According to the World Wildlife Fund, for example, “it can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton; equivalent to a single T-shirt and pair of jeans.” Meanwhile, the human cost of producing fast fashion denim is also exorbitantly high – linked with chemical-induced brain damage and lung diseases associated with the dangerous practice of sandblasting.

All of which calls into question the existence of $20 jeans that cost less than a cooked breakfast. It is for this reason that Well Made Clothes has worked so hard to curate a selection of responsibly made, high-quality denim that focusses on values like transparency, fair labour, minimal waste and gender equality. If you’re still unsure, then read on below, where we go into a little more detail about why well-made denim is better denim.  

1) Because our denim is responsibly made
‘Responsible’ can mean all manner of things in the context of fashion – and oftentimes, fast fashion brands use these sorts of terms to try and mask the inherent unsustainability of their businesses. Which is why our denim brands get pretty specific about what they mean when they say ‘responsible’. Levi’s WaterLess styles, for example, reduce the use of water in the finishing process by up to 96% for some styles. Meanwhile, local brands like Denimsmith and Nobody Denim focus on fair labour practices and a safe, respectful working environment for all employees.

2) Because it is crafted from high quality materials
All of our denim brands use the highest quality of denim when crafting their beautiful jeans. This is something that you can immediately tell when trying them on. Both incredibly comfortable and made with longevity in mind, brands like Denimsmith, Levi’s and Nobody boast the sort of premium denim that will last you well beyond the current season. Which also means that it’s the sort of denim that can help to reduce your cost per wear — and if we ever needed an excuse to invest in a new pair of jeans, this might just be it.   

3) Because well-made denim celebrates quality craftsmanship
Denimsmith’s Vinh Le has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and Levi’s was literally the original creator of jeans, so suffice to say that we have a whole lot of awesome experience coursing through the denim department at Well Made Clothes. According to ECA, for example, “each pair of their natural-indigo Denimsmith jeans is built true by skilled makers with over two decades of denim-craft enriching their work.” Meanwhile, the Nobody Denim team has also producing premium quality jeans onshore in Australia since 1999. “Each jean is made in Australia (Melbourne) in our own factories and boutique laundry, ensuring there is no compromise from development to production,” the brand explains.

4) Because it comes in a range of classic cuts that you’ll never get tired of
The key difference between fast fashion denim and well-made denim (aside from the quality and fair labour conditions, of course) is that they are built to last. In other words, our denim brands focus on timeless design that will stand the test of time, rather than fad-based trends you will get tired of quickly. The 501 style is the perfect case in point here, because it dates back to 1873 and is still going strong today. Meanwhile, Denimsmith styles like the Aubrey Jean have now become staples of the brand and Nobody Denim’s signature skinny styles have become cult for a reason.

5) Because these jeans have been tried, tested and perfected
Perhaps the best way to differentiate average denim from really great denim is, of course, to try them. Not only do all of our denim brands factor things like fit and wearability into their design process, but they have actually made a point to test and perfect those elements over time. So that, by the time you try them, they are seamless. As ECA points out, “Nobody Denim's design process now creates the best fit possible by looking at the different shrinkages, reactions, life and shape retention of denim.” Meanwhile, Levi’s has made a science out of adjusting the rise so that it pulls your butt cheeks up and out just a little. After all, practice makes perfect.


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