Woolies Launches Plastic-Free Collectables

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 months ago | News

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Barely a week after supermarket giant Coles came under fire for launching new plastic Stikees, the company’s retail rival Woolworths has gone plastic-free with its own line of collectables. The Disney-branded campaign is being touted as both educational and environmentally sustainable, with the Disney Words tiles featuring a Disney character on one side and a letter on the flipside.

The tiles are reportedly made of tin-plated steel and come in a paper wrapper, which Woolworths claims are both recyclable through council kerbside collections. The Disney collectables are designed to be used as part of various word games, which demonstrates the supermarket’s efforts to promote both education and ethics.

"Woolworths is always trying to do the best we can to leave the smallest footprint we can," said Woolworths head of programs Rod Evenden. "No one else's activities played too much into the activity we're doing now.” But some have suggested that the retailer may also have been influenced by the fact that Coles has received thousands of angry emails, calling for an end to the Stikees promotion.

Whether or not Woolworths was guided by its competitor’s faux pas, though, this latest move represents a positive step forward in the ongoing fight against supermarket plastics.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald

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