Zara's 'Most Popular' Dress Is Objectively Ugly And Customers Know It

by: Lucy Jones | 1 year ago | News

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Zara's new 'it' dress is objectively ugly and everyone knows it. To create the dress, Zara took an 80s prom outfit and shrunk it in the wash. The result is this ruched chocolate brown mini dress with a lace-up bodice and bulbous sleeves:


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80s shapes and corsetry are currently ~on trend~ so it's not really surprising to see Zara attempt to combine the two in one hideous garment. According to Who What Wear, the dress has divided the internet. Some members of the publication's Facebook shopping group have declared their undying love for the ruffled garment while others have called it a "noughties nightmare". Others are torn, asking questions like “My flat mate and sister hate this… But should I buy it?!”


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You may be wondering why people are getting so fired up about this fairly irrelevant dress in the first place. The answer, in a word, is Instagram. Several influential influencers have already sported the dress on their socials. These thin, attractive women look as good in the dress as is humanly possible and their endorsements have forced us everyday gals to ask ourselves: could we too rock a bold chocolate brown sleeve? For me personally, the answer is no. This dress is too outrageous to wear to work and so trend-driven that I'd probably only wear it once before deciding big sleeves are over (again) and donating it to Vinnies.


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The 'popularity' of this dress has been completely fabricated by a huge fast fashion retailer that can afford to send clothes to influencers for free. These influencers look good in clothes, and that's often all it takes to convince consumers to rush out and purchase weird, ill-fitting, poorly made garments. Please don't let yourself fall victim to the fast fashion version of fake news! If you think something is ugly and unwearable, that’s probably because it is.

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