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Catching Up With Team Zorali About Their Transparent, Sustainable Supply Chain

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 months ago | Features

Image: Zorali co-founders Cam and Elise Greenwood.


When we’re out and about enjoying nature, we like to know that we’re wearing sustainable clothing that has had a reduced impact on those natural environments. Enter Zorali, an Australian brand that makes clothes for outdoor adventuring, using sustainable materials like hemp and organic cotton. Here, Team Zorali walks us through their transparent, sustainable supply chain.

WMC: Can you tell us about how Zorali first began?
Zorali: We stepped outside. We breathed in hard. And we breathed out Zorali.

Every dream starts somewhere. Ours was simply born from a deep love for the wild and a desire to see people experience nature’s goodness in their own restorative way. So we created the word Zorali to mean just that. Zorali means going where you won’t need fancy gear – your own two feet will do. Going where the air comes at breathable altitudes, where your mind feels free from stress and strife and struggle.

For us, Zorali is an adventure. An invisible path even more exhilarating than the ones we take through the trees and over the boulders. What’s around the corner? Who knows. But as long as there are corners to explore, we’ll keep asking. The open road as our guide, and the sunshine our soulmate.

Image: BTS with Zorali.

WMC: Why are you so passionate about producing sustainably, with minimal impact on the environment around you?
Zorali: As a brand that is deeply passionate about the natural world, we believe it is our responsibility to design and operate our business through a lens of sustainability. Because protecting our business means protecting our planet first. We can’t have one without the other – and, call us greedy, but we really want them both.

It’s a bit of a big deal. Everything we do, in business and in design, we do while wearing a sustainability hat. Not to brag, but we wear it well. Nice and snug. Hat jokes aside, we promise to keep pushing for change, challenging ourselves to do better, and learning everything we can along the way.

We’re committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. And to keep us on (hiking) track, we stand by our core values.

Image: BTS with Zorali.

WMC: Could you walk us through each stage of your transparent and sustainable supply chain?
Zorali: As nature is our inspiration, we focus our efforts on keeping it calm and wild by:

Choosing materials responsibly
By using natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled fabrics, we’re helping you connect with nature before you’ve even stepped out the door. 

- Hemp is breathable and soft. Plus, it’s good at removing carbon dioxide from the air and keeping its impact lower than a drunken game of limbo.
- Organic cotton is gentle on your bod and doesn’t put chemicals or pesticides into the soil. And, while its non-organic sibling takes pretty long showers, the organic kind is much better with water.
- Recycled fabrics keep waste out of landfill, reduce demand for petroleum-based raw materials, and limit contamination of the air, soil and water. What a little workhorse.

Taking the ethics and cleanliness within our supply chain seriously.
Sure, we like to escape the crowds and talk to trees. But we care deeply about humans, too. Our code of conduct ensures all the people in our supply chain are treated well, paid properly and have a safe spot to work. And we take time to chat face-to-face with our factories – when we can get the trees to hush that is. (Blabber mouths.)

Putting our money where our feet are.
We foster responsible partnerships, so we can all do better by our planet. That means we:

- Are carbon neutral. The only footprint here, folks, is the one our hiking boots leave in the dirt. We offset the rest, with Climate Neutral.
- Donate 1% of revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. While we still have the chance.
- Plant trees with Eden Projects. Ten of them planted for every product you buy – to keep the planet happy and make sure the trees are always there to catch our jokes.

Aiming higher with our goals – to the stars and back.
With good business, we can do good things for the future. By 2025, we aim to:

- Close the loop, ensuring everything we make can keep going ‘round and ‘round through repairs, resales and recycling.
- Ensure all makers are environmentally certified, ethical, transparent – the kind of people we’d love to share a campfire with.
- Grow our own forest. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025. Wild, huh? Good. That’s just how we like it.

The fire in our gut won’t burn out like Sunday night campsite. It’s a roaring commitment to keep pushing hard for the good of the planet. Watch as we continue to update our goals and progress, as we deepen our contribution.

Image: BTS with Zorali.

WMC: Why do you find hemp in particular to be better than other fibres, from an environmental and/or performance perspective?
Zorali: Hemp is one of our favourites, not just because it's natural and has a rad look and feel, but because it's cultivated with a super low impact on the environment. We find hemp to be the perfect outdoor companion, as it’s comfy, breathable and extremely durable. It’s also antibacterial and UV resistant…suits the outdoors to a tee ;)

Fun fact, hemp consumes four times as much carbon dioxide as trees.

WMC: What is your advice to consumers looking to lower their impact?
: Deeply understand why you’re doing it. When you are anchored by a deep “why” behind lowering your impact, you will find the passion required to keep taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle and to ensure your new habits won’t burn out.

Not sure why you should lower your impact? We encourage you to head out into the wild and make some room to encounter nature's goodness. It won’t just leave you feeling rejuvenated, it will put a fire in your gut to keep pushing hard for the good of the planet.

Image: BTS with Zorali.

WMC: Can you tell us more about your commitment to being carbon neutral?
Zorali: The only thing we want to put into the air is our hair out the window (and a bit of morning breath, because we’re human). So we work with Climate Neutral to measure, offset and reduce our carbon emissions. To make us wildly, fondly, completely carbon neutral. 

What does a footprint look like?
Carbon emissions turn up to every party, uninvited. That means we have to consider how they show up in our design process, our production and supply chain, and the transport needed to get our products where they need to go. Yeah. We see you, CO2.

Help from the numbers people.
We work with Climate Neutral to gather and calculate our emissions – in everything from our materials to the energy we use in producing, shipping and selling our products. They have the numbers covered, the rest is up to us.

Shrinking everything but our clothes.
With the help of Climate Neutral, we’re committed to a long-term reduction plan and looking for more ways to incorporate organic and recycled materials. As long as the earth spins, we’ll keep fighting for it.

Image: BTS with Zorali.

WMC: Can you tell us a bit about your recent Forest Project?
Zorali: It is an offering for Planet Earth, now with every purchase. 

But wait. There’s more! Your purchase of outdoor goods will come with ten invisible donations in the form of trees. You may not be able to see them, but the planet will feel them as they go back into areas of severe deforestation in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique. And that’s not all! The more trees we donate, the more local employment in those areas will grow. Along with a continual decline in global warming and risks of flooding. All of which keeps the planet happy. Listen closely next time you’re outside. Sometimes you can hear a ‘thank you’ get caught in the wind. 

Shop our range of sustainable Zorali pieces, which are made in a transparent supply chain, here

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