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Teva Ambassador Kate Rentz Shares Her Ultimate Summer Spots

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 years ago | Features

Image: photographer and Teva ambassador, Kate Rentz. 

Kate Rentz is a Los Angeles based photographer and an ambassador for uber-comfortable footwear brand Teva. This pretty much makes Kate an adventurer by nature – given that the footwear brand were first founded in the Grand Canyon and their shoes are just about the only thing you want to be wearing for long walks or days spent on your feet. The ultimate symbol of relaxed cool, a pair of the brand’s Alp Premier style is what Kate says that she couldn’t live without.

So in between taking epic photos of her travels and the great outdoors, we asked Kate to share some of her top tips for spending a summer road tripping around the US. Here, she gives us her ultimate must-see travel recommendations, as well as some intel on how she personally likes to style her impressive collection of shoes by Teva. And if her travel photos don’t get you excited about summer road trips, then we don’t know what will.

Rosie Dalton: How do you usually like to spend your summers?
Kate Rentz
: Summer is something that is so very special to me and I love to spend it camping in the mountains, floating on a lake, or cruising down the road. Summer road trips are the best and I love driving in the middle of nowhere with the windows down and music up.  

Rosie: Can you run us through a few of your favourite summer spots in the US and tell us what you love about each?

1) Eastern Sierras of California

Image: photographed by Kate Rentz. Image source.

This place is just epic and is always my go-to no matter what. The drive up Highway 395 is just stunning and you get a mix of the Sierra’s massive peaks to the west and then dry, barren, high desert to the east. Hiking back into the mountains is the most beautiful and there’s a bounty of lakes and streams for fishing and swimming. There’s also plenty of hot springs in the area too.  

2) Southern Utah/Northern Arizona

Image: photographed by Kate Rentz. Image source.

In early summer, I love exploring southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Places like Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Escalante National Monument, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell are some of my favourite places to visit. The colours are amazing and the views of the canyons from above and below are out of this world.  

3) Southern Kentucky

Image: Kate at Lake Cumberland. Image source.

There’s something extremely special about southern Kentucky. It has this romantic air that exists there and is filled with lots of history and good southern charm. I love spending time at Lake Cumberland.

4) California Coast/Highway 1

Image: photographed by Kate Rentz. Image source.

Driving up Highway 1 in California is insane. It’s one of my favourite drives in the country. There are so many places to camp along the way and the sunsets are top notch.  

Rosie: How would you describe your summer uniform throughout the warmer months?  
: I love wearing something that feels light and loose, so I usually choose to wear lots of dresses throughout the summer months. Dresses are my staple uniform, for sure.

Rosie: Why would you say that Teva sandals the perfect shoe for wearing in and around your favourite summer holiday destinations?
: Tevas are perfect because you can wear them anywhere! I especially love wearing the Teva Alp Premier sandals because I can wear them on the trails, can wear them in the water, and can pair them with any one of my favourite summer dresses and still look cute.  

Rosie: The Teva flatform has just landed on Well Made Clothes. Can you tell us about how you would personally style this particular sandal?
: I love wearing the Teva flatforms with high-waisted vintage Levi’s cutoffs and a cute crop top tank. I love this fun, casual, summer look.

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