Amazon Employees Are Fighting Back Against Awful Working Conditions

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: inside an Amazon warehouse. Image source.

On a good day, the working conditions at Amazon warehouses have been described as “gruelling” and “depressing,” but the pressure is even more intense when Prime Day rolls around each year. A one-day shopping event for Prime members, this event is crammed full of deals for the customers. But it is also known to put immense pressure on the workers. Which is why thousands of Amazon employees went on strike in Europe this week – using Prime Day as an opportunity to fight for fair rights.

Germany is Amazon’s second biggest market after the US and, according to Germany’s Verdi services union, the company is getting rich by "saving money on the health of its workers" there. It is for this reason, then, that many of Amazon’s 12,000 German workers went on strike this week. Because, although the retailer claims its employees are being treated fairly, this is contrary to the reports of employees like Seth King, who works for Amazon in Virginia.

“You spend 10 hours on foot, there’s no windows in the place, and you’re not allowed to talk to people — there’s no interactions allowed,” King told Vox. He also added that his paycheck wasn’t enough to cover his basic bills. King was one of the workers who spoke out against Amazon’s awful working conditions in the CEOs vs Workers Town Hall meeting in the US this week. But he is also joined by disgruntled employees across the seas in Europe.

According to the Verdi union, workers in Spain staged a three-day strike, boycotting bad working conditions. And, meanwhile, company employees in Poland were staging a work to rule. With Amazon now taking over the world’s retail sector – and Prime Day becoming the second biggest shopping day last year – it’s clearly problematic that worker rights are not their utmost priority. But this is something the company can’t continue to get away with, as scrutiny around fashion’s behind-the-scenes abuses only continues to increase.


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