You Gotta See These Incredible Glacier Photos By This Local Artist

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Image: The End by Rae Begley. Image source

Local artist Rae Begley recently visited the magical Himalaya region and captured the surrounding glaciers in a stunning photo series and video installation. The resulting landscapes form part of Begley’s upcoming exhibition at Commune, entitled And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. But the Sydney-based artist’s work also has a broader mission behind it: to support and spread awareness about the Ice Stupa project. This initiative focusses on artificial glaciers as a way to help save our glaciers. What an ice stupa essentially does is to freeze water that would otherwise be washed away downstream during winter. Instead, this ice will melt in springtime, just in time to water the fields.

Begley’s recent support for this project comes in response to increasing digitisation in the modern world. “Aside from just loving the aesthetics of glaciers, I was interested in how they represent the current state of the planet and the effects of climate change,” the artist tells Oyster. “Glacial melt was once slow, the movement of the ice measured in many years, often centuries. In recent decades, the Nepali Himalayas are warming significantly and the Ngozumpa Glacier is showing signs of shrinking, thinning and the ice is rapidly melting; it’s as if time is literally flowing away.”

Image: Transcendence 3 by Rae Begley. Image source

Having first visited Nepal in 2014, Begley says that she was compelled to return last year, with the express purpose of taking photographs in and around the region. “I was shocked by the decline of the Ngozumpa Glacier and the glacial melt that had occurred from the impact of climate change,” she says. “There was very little sign of ice so the glacier resembled a quarry or a landscape from another planet. I wanted to highlight this beauty under threat by climate change in the Himalayas through the works.” The resulting imagery is powerful both in a visual sense and in terms of the meaning behind it. And, according to the artist, this upcoming exhibition forms the first instalment of a larger exploration of glacial melt in sacred mountain cultures. Watch this space.   

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out opens November 2nd at COMMUNE.


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