Filippa K

"I set out to build a brand with substance and truth, not dependent on the superficial trends of the fashion industry” - Filippa Knutsson, founder of Filippa K.

Since its foundation, in 1993, Filippa K has flown in the face of the traditional fashion industry model, which is to say the label has flown in the face of turning over trend after trend, and has become synonymous with long-lasting, quality, clothing. Filippa K has taken the idea of long-lasting clothing many steps further, too, via its Circular Design program, which is its commitment to reducing environmental impact and minimising waste; via its second hand stores; via its leasing garments program; and via its recycling program.

We love our clothes, we want to have serious, long-term relationships with them (in which they treat us right), we want to stay mates once our relationship with them has ended, which is why we love Filippa K.

Filippa K

Filippa K

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  • Handcrafted i
  • Transparent i
  • Sustainable i
  • Local i
  • Fair i
  • Minimal Waste i
  • Vegan i
  • Gender Equality i

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