ULO is the project of Dinzi Amobi, and is inspired by her West African heritage – the name ‘ULO’ meaning ‘home’ in lgbo, the Nigerian dialect spoken by Dinzi’s late father.

Dinzi’s love for textiles and colour underpins the label’s aesthetic, and Dinzi sources limited edition wax fabric from local vendors in Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. As Dinzi says, “Wax fabric is one of the most beautiful and colourful materials in the world - it comes in innumerable bold and colourful patterns, with stories of heritage and tradition attached to each design. The bold hues and intricate, often quirky patterns have become emblematic of African style.”

All ULO pieces are made by Dinzi and her team, locally, in the label’s Melbourne studio, preferencing craftsmanship over trend, which is a production process we can get behind.

Dinzi hopes that “by creating beautiful collections for people to cherish, they too will come to love the place that I call home, and find joy in all that we do here at ULO”. 




ULO values:Tap value for more information

  • Handcrafted i
  • Transparent i
  • Sustainable i
  • Local i
  • Fair i
  • Minimal Waste i
  • Vegan i
  • Gender Equality i