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Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb dresses are institutions in New Zealand: wear one and a kindred babe is guaranteed to come up to you and say 'I love your dress! It's by Miss Crabb, right?!' This isn't to say these dresses are ubiquitous, quite the opposite in fact: it's that their inimitable cuts (trust us when we say they suit absolutely every body type) elevate the wearer in the kind of way few dresses do.

This is probably because the designer of Miss Crabb, Kristine Crabb, is one of New Zealand's most respected fashion designers, and has honed her craft to make pieces (all onshore in New Zealand, no less), which reflect her values of empowering women via clothing. Which, in turn, means we're obsessed with everything she does. And rightly so.

Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb values:Tap value for more information

  • Handcrafted i
  • Transparent i
  • Sustainable i
  • Local i
  • Fair i
  • Minimal Waste i
  • Vegan i
  • Gender Equality i