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Ovna Ovich

Ovna Ovich is the brainchild of Auckland fashion designer, Marina Davis. The name reflects her Russian heritage, and translates to feminine (ovna) and masculine (ovich). This balanced name is reflected in the design of Ovna Ovich pieces, too. We here at Well Made Clothes like to wear clothing which is simultaneously feminine and powerful, and Ovna Ovich’s pieces evoke this perfectly by taking refined, purposeful silhouettes and adding delicate flourishes, whether this be via soft-coloured silks or raw edges.

Ovna Ovich is committed to being responsible too, which adds more power to her already powerful pieces. The dying of Ovna Ovich’s fabrics meets Global Organic Testing Standards (GOTS), and everything is 100% New Zealand made.

Power to labels, and the people behind them, like this!

Ovna Ovich

Ovna Ovich

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  • Handcrafted i
  • Transparent i
  • Sustainable i
  • Local i
  • Fair i
  • Minimal Waste i
  • Vegan i
  • Gender Equality i